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Just Upgraded My Internet and My Call of Duty 🤬 Death Ratio has Improved Drastically

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So they have finally provided higher speeds of internet in my town, I went from 1.5 - 3Mbps( 3 Bars) to 30 Mbps(4 Bars). I have always heard COD is a connection based game, but today I witnessed it. I strongly suggest if you have a slower connection and you struggle on COD to upgrade your service. I have been getting the Immortal (for highest K/D) and Feared (Most Kills) Accolades after matches consistently today. Usually I have those games far and few between, also 🤬 been dropping fast as hell, hit detection is impeccable and I have been cycling through my 🤬 streaks at least three times per match.

I just wanted to put 🤬 up on game who aint, I am sure most of y'all 🤬 know this already, but this is for the 🤬 that don't understand the power of 4 Bars.