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The Official IC CourtHouse Thread

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this thread will be for jailed posters to appeal their discipline and aliases to appeal ban sentencing


1. the banning/jailing mod need not appear in court. the judge mod in this thread will be sufficient.

2. everyone is guilty until proven innocent

3. if you dont have a different mod to back you up, ms southern (the IC head of human relations) will be appointed to you. you can also represent yourself in court.

4. if you dont want to use the MOD court room. you can go cry to jay like most ppl do anyway. good luck with that 🤬 . he doesnt even answer his own questions sometimes

5. any mod besides the banning/jailing/ backing up poster mod can preside over a case.

6. you cant plead guilty for less time in this thread. just going to court means your fighting the case

7. other posts that have nothing to do with the case can be used against you

8. you can not cry to jay after using the mod court room