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Bumpy Knuckles And Statik Selektah-Ambition(2012)

Lou Cypher
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01. Bumpy Knuckles - Still Got It 3:22
02. Bumpy Knuckles - Animalistic 3:29
03. Bumpy Knuckles - Lyrical Workout feat. Noreaga 2:40
04. Bumpy Knuckles - Put The Beats On'Em 3:02
05. Bumpy Knuckles - Not What I Say 3:19
06. Bumpy Knuckles - Don't Do Fake 2:42
07. Bumpy Knuckles - Blast Yourself 3:26
08. Bumpy Knuckles - Beat It Up 3:41
09. Bumpy Knuckles - Pen Game 2:42
10. Bumpy Knuckles - Who Did The Beat!? 3:04
11. Bumpy Knuckles - Rock Solid 3:45
12. Bumpy Knuckles - Ambition 2:03
13. Bumpy Knuckles - For You 3:49
14. Bumpy Knuckles - The Grand Finale 2:33
15. Bumpy Knuckles - Pen Still Killa 2:43
16. Bumpy Knuckles - Mic Bless'n Gun Press'n Impress'n feat. O.C. 2:49
17. Bumpy Knuckles - Hear The Call 2:44
18. Bumpy Knuckles - Just Rock'n Wit Bump 2:32
19. Bumpy Knuckles - Find Urself 3:20

"After a triumphant return to mainstream Hip-Hop success with DJ Premier and their release ''KoleXXXion'' (which debuted in the Billboard Top 200 and was a Top 20 Rap Album), veteran Hip-Hop legend Bumpy Knuckles is back with another high profile artist x producer collaboration as he teams up with Hip-Hop super producer Statik Selektah. The result is ''Ambition'' which gives the listener 19 tracks of pure underground hip-hop magic, proving once again that real hip-hop is back to stay!"

I havent checked the album yet, but it looks pretty dope. Just saw it and thought i would drop it for yall to check if interested! I loved the Kolexxxion. Bumpy Knuckles is too ill.


  • achewon87
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    It's really dope, same level as Kolexxxion. Statik brought some heat for those tough Bumpy Knucks rhymes. "Blast Yourself", 'Who did the Beat!?" and the joint with O.C. are my faves right now off of this.
  • Lou Cypher
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    Dope thanks for droppin your opinion. Been super busy with work havent been able to peep any new music. Not even chino XL. some good albums droppin this winter too!
  • RuffDraft
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    Props @achewon87, can't wait to check for this now… shame we're all get old @Lou Cypher, in that we're all too busy at work lol. At least we're making a living…