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Murs and 9th Wonder Unite One Last Time for “The Final Adventure”

Lou Cypher
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L.A. MC Murs and producer 9th Wonder will be going their separate ways musically soon, but not before releasing The Final Adventure. The pair’s fifth LP hits stores November 13 and will bring an end to a critically-acclaimed series of collabos which included underground favorites MURS 3:16: The 9th Edition and Murray’s Revenge.
9th Wonder recently took to Twitter to proclaim that two are still close friends, noting that both wish to seek other endeavors, including more collaborations with other artists.
“We have things to do… we have bigger dreams than our albums…and we are best friends and brothers…that means much more,” 9th Wonder tweeted.
Known for his tireless work ethic, Jamla Records’ founding producer 9th Wonder, will also be releasing his third collabo, The Solution, with Duck Down Records MC Buckshot on the same day as his Final Adventure with Murs. On September 25, Murs released his collaboration with fellow Cali wordsmith, Fashawn, entitled This Generation.


1. Get Together feat. Rapsody
2. Dance With Me
3. Whatuptho
4. Holding Hands
5. Walk Like A Woman
6. Tale of Two Cities
7. Funeral For A Killer
8. Better Way
9. Wherever You Are
10. It’s Over
11. Wait For Someone (iTunes Bonus)
12. Tale of Two Cities – Remix (iTunes Bonus)

Track 5. Walk Like A Woman. Walk like a man is probably one of my favorite Murs/9th songs, behing "The Pain". They better not mess up on that track.

Tbh Sweet Lord and Fornever were kind of let downs for me. They felt real thrown together, but a lot of 9ths work has lately. I hope they finish these collabs with a strong album.