What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

The OFFICIAL IC QC Superhero Draft Signup and Rules

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This is it comic fans the real deal. Sign up

The Draft: October 29
The Draft will begin Monday, October 1 at approximately 5pM EST. Participants will be able to draft up to six character spots from the Draft List. Note that some characters are valued at more than one character spot. The draft order is randomly chosen, and reverses with each new round. The draft is continuous until it is completed.

Live Drafting
Participants are given five minutes from the preceding participant's pick to post their own next pick. If a participant does not post their draft pick within their allotted five minutes they may be skipped, and the next participant's five minutes begin.

Wish List Drafting
Participants may Private Message (PM) me their draft wish list to me before each round if they're unsure of their availability. List your poster name, the League name and the Draft Round(s) as the subject of your PM Rondre Sleaze Twin Wish lists should list characters in the order you'd like to obtain them and should include the number of characters equal to your position in the draft order (i.e. if you have fourteenth pick you should list fourteen characters). Upon completion of a round, as I receive wish lists I will post each participants' pick for the new round using the first available character from their wish list. If I have not received a wish list from a participant for the next round, I will draft the next available character from their list for the previous round.

Alternately, if I have not yet posted a draft pick, participants may post their own picks for that round directly in the draft thread, in draft order, even if they've submitted a wish list, even changing from their wish list pick.

Getting Skipped
If there are no available characters from a participant's most recent Wish List they will be skipped.

Since draft rounds will begin immediately after the preceding round has finished, participants should PM their new wish lists (if they wish to use a revised list) immediately after each of their previous draft picks have been posted.

NOTE: As it's possible that five minutes may pass without me being able to post a participant's wish list pick, we will only skip participants on my say so.

Skipped participants may then post their pick for that round at any time, so long as their character has not been taken by another player.

Any participant who misses two draft rounds in a row without providing their draft picks for those rounds later in the same day will forfeit their spot in the tournament.

Draft Order
This year's draft order will be randomly chosen on october 28.

Trades and Free Agency: Nov 1
Immediately following the final round of the draft, players may trade characters of same status and value with each other. In order to trade characters, both parties must Private Message (PM) me approving the trade. The PM must include the name of the other party and the character that they've agreed to trade. The trade goes into effect once I receive both 🤬 .

Players may also PM trade requests for characters still on the draft list. 🤬 for draft list trades must include which character you want and which you're giving up. These will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All trading must be completed before 3PM EDT on Friday, nov 2.

Regular Season: Begins October 15
The eight (8) teams will play in a double-elimination tournament comprised of two brackets. Teams remain in the winners bracket until their first loss, upon which they move to the losers bracket. A team is eliminated upon their second loss.

The top team of each bracket will play each other in a Final round. If after this round, the loser has suffered only their first loss, a second Final round will be held.

Battles are scheduled and each team will fight approximately once a week. Teams will be battling until the opposing team cannot continue. Team members will have their last known standard powers levels (or, if they're dead, their standard power levels when they were alive) and will be assumed to be fighting in character. For example, Punisher can be written using lethal force, but Spider-Man would not. The battles will take place in locations to be announced prior to each rouind. Teams are allowed to carry into the battle whatever equipment they normally have with them. They begin the battle 100 meters away from and in clear sight of the opposing team, unless otherwise specified. Players cannot leave the battlefield unless to do so is necessary to utilize a character's powers (i.e. teleporters, etc.). Beyond that use your imagination.

The day prior to each match, players will PM their teams' strategies to the league administrator, who will post them in a thread devoted to the appropriate match, on IC Quite Comical. Strategies must be no longer than 10,000 characters, including format tags. 🤬 are limited to 5,000 characters so, if sending two 🤬 for a single strategy, label them Parts 1 and 2 . A team that does not submit a strategy will lose that match and forfeit their spot in the tournament, offering their team up to a new player.

A note about imagination: Strategies will be judged on believability and creativity. While there is a great deal of liberty how the match will play out, unfair and out-of-character tactics are not allowed. One-time feats done in the comics will be considered, but the ordinary feat levels demonstrated by a character will be more strongly weighted. Try to rely on information gleaned from primary sources (the comics) before secondary sources (wikipedia and fansites). Ultimately not everyone will have encyclopedic knowledge of the COMIC Universe, but just do your best.

Lastly, after each match, team players are assumed to be revived and ready for the next match.

Participants and spectators may vote in each match. All voters should use the poll included in each match thread, and vote solely on a team's strategy and defense. The voting polls will remain open for 24-hours. NOTE: To prevent unfair ballot-stuffing, oAdditionally, votes from posters with matching IP addresses will be disqualified.

Participants may question each other's strategies and offer retorts during a match so long as they stay civil. Spectators may also question the participants. However explanations may not contradict or embellish the posted strategy. Voting should not be based on any potential that characters possess or on any other moves that a voter might want to interject on their own. All voters should feel free to comment on why they've voted for a specific team.

To maintain fairness across the board, teams with two or more participants will only be allowed one vote in any match. If more than one member of a team votes in a match, only the first vote from that team will be counted.

Additionally, while encouraging friends or family to vote in the tournament is allowed, encouraging others to vote specifically for you is against the rules and is grounds for disqualification. Friends and family are expected to read both strategies and make a decision based on what is presented; not based on allegiance to a particular participant. All voting should be done without bias.

Taken from cbr
people can teamup if need be

Draft list coming. Just sign up fast
need any help pm me



Draft order

1 evoljeanyes
2 TripleBs
3 waterproof
4 DarkRaiden
5 Amotekun
6 SocialassassinRati
7 Cain1
8 sour
9 MorganFreemanKing

It starts at 6 pm Oct 29. That;s this Monday


  • waterproof
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    PUT ME DOWN IN THE LEAGUE, IM GOING THE WISH LIST ROUTE because i might be at work or some 🤬
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    Draft list

    Each combatant will get 12 pts to use however they like
    Herald level is worth 4 pts
    Top tier- 3pts
    mid Tier- 2 pts
    street level 1 pt
    Team are worth various points

    Each combatant is only allowed 1 team.
    You can only choose 2 herald/elite tier characters

    Teambusters/Sub skyfather level characters are not allowed like Thanos, Magog, kurse, Desperro, H/P Doomsday, Darkseid, Blackheart, Mephsito, Stranger, Shaman Nate grey, Phoenix Force, Hyperstorm and Amazzo.

    No lucked based characters allowed like domino, longshot and scarlett witch and no super mages like Doc Strange and Doc fate.

    Teams worth various points

    Exiles(original)-Blink, Wartbird, Mimic, morph, Nocturne and magnus 10pts
    Eternals-Ikaris, Thena, Gilgamesh and Makkari 10points
    AOA Horsemen- Holocaust, Sinister, Mikihail Rasputin and Aybss 11
    Viltrimites= Invincible, Omni-Man, oliver and Conquest 10 pts
    Sinister Six- Electro, doc ock, vulture, sandman, Mysterio snd Hobgoblin 7 points
    Wrecking Crew- 8pts
    Ufoes- Xray, Vector, IRonClad and Vapor 9pts

    herald Level/Elite Top Tier 4 pts

    Silver Surfer, Thor, Grayage hulk, Kurse, Black Adam, Captain Marvel, morg, Stardust, Beta Ray Bill, Gravitron, Nate Grey, Orion, Majestic, Gladitor, Red Shift, Sinestro, Genis Vel(regular) Sentry, Blue Marvel, Moonstone Baron Zemo, Stryfe, Vulcan, Circe, Thena, Zoom, Cyborg Superman, Cosmic Spidey, Zod, Electric Superman, helspont, ultron, Legion, Sentinal(Alan Scott), Kyle Raynor, Suprmere, Adam Warlock , Juggernaut

    Top Tier 3 pts

    Dr. Doom, Allen the Alien, Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, Mon-el, Icon, Selene, Skeletor, He-man, Spartan 3.0, Piccolo Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, Apocaylse, Loki, Emma Frost, Blackbolt, Powergirl, Supergirl, Wonder Man, Mandarin, Barda, Engineer, Fin Fang Foom, GL John/Guy/Kilowog, Monica Rambeau, Flash(Wally West, JaGArrick, BArt Allan) Immortal Herc, Maxima, Atrotious, Magneto, GL Hal, Savage Hulk, Sersi, Exodus, Pro X, king Hyperion, Firestorm, Hope Summers, Sue Storm, Doomsday, Raven, Ghost Rider, Racheal Summers, Mimic, Ronan, Super Skrull, Red Hulk, Star Man, Namor, Storm, Nova(Rich Ryder) Quaser, jean grey, Exodus, Cassonda Nova, Mr Sinister, holocaust, Ravenous, Kalibak, Lobo, Firelord, mary Marvel, Spawn, Hyperion, Ulik, Blastarr, Manchester black, Kid omega, abomination, shadow king, Mongul, Miss Martian, Invincible, General Thragg, Spartan, Apollo, Super Rogue, Absorbing Man, Air Walker, Animal Man, Argent, The Atom, Aztek, Bizarro Superman, Breach, Cir-El, Damage, Darkness, Darwin, Death's Head 3.0, Death Metal, Dr. Invincible, Dr. Light, Dr. Light II (Kimiyo Hoshi), Dr. Polaris, Drax The Destroyer, Enchantress, Engineer, Exodus, Forerunner, Gammid, Gamora (w/Godslayer), Gilgamesh, Gold Key Solar, Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern (Soranik Natu), Guardian I (James Hudson), Hector Hammond, Isis, Jade, Jack Hawksmoor (in city), Jack of Hearts, Jericho, Kalibak, Kang, Krypto, Lightray, Living Monolith, Lunatik, Madison Jeffries (BOX IV), Major Force, Makkari, Man-Beast, Marrina (Leviathan), Mar-Vell, Matrix Supergirl, Meggan, Mongul, Mr. M, Nova (Frankie Raye), Plastic Man, Prime, The Ray, Ronan the Accuser, Saturn Girl, Selene (External), Snowbird, Starhawk, Tempest, Ultra Boy, Ultra-Humanite, Union, Wendigo, Winter, Witchfire (Normal), Zauriel

    Mid-Tier 2 pts

    Thing, Iron Man, Human Torch, Rexplode, Warblade,Atom Eve, Black Alice, Psimon, Coldcast, Sunspot, Cannonball, She Hulk, Steel, Vision, Doc Sampson, Red Tornado, Ms.Marvel, Ares, Donna Troy, Iceman, Colluss, Luke Cage, superboy, Venom, Carnage, Blink, hawkman, havok, Star-girl, Voodoo, Machine man,
    bishop, donna troy, wonder-girl, cheetah, cable, Iron Lad, Multiple Man, leech, speedball, morph, Rictor, Quicksilver, Speed Demon, Blizzard, Mirror master, Moonstone, Firestar, justice Aquman, Spiral, Psylocke, Tempo, Hourman, Maul, Savant, havok, Polaris, Dr. Light, Midnighter, Captain Britain, Mojo, Cosmic boy, Aegis, Atom Smasher, Attuma, Balder, Beast Boy, Bishop, Blob, Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes), Blue Devil, Bombshell, Booster Gold, Cloak, Corrin, Cyborg, Darkhawk, Death's Head, Death Wreck, Dust, Elijah Snow, Farenheit, Flint, Fuji, Gorgon, Grace Choi, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hellion, Karolina Dean, Kymaera/Namorita, Lightning Lad, Matua, M.O.D.O.K., Molly Hayes, Morlun, Ms. Marvel, Ogun, Omega Red, Ragman, Rom, Sebastian Shaw, Shift, Steel, Terra, Thunder, Tiger Shark, Toxin, Vance Astro, Vengeance, Victor Mancha, Wonder Girl

    Street level 1 pt

    Spider-Man, Forge, batman, Nightwing, Red Robin, Savage dragon, grifter, bucky, Captain America, Falcon, Green Arrow, Deadpool, Wolverine, Punisher, Daredevil. lady Shiva, Black Panther, Ryu, Deathstroke, Cyclops, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Batgirl, mr. X, dekan, Taskmaster, Beast, moonknight, doppelganger, sleepwalker, Bullseye, Red Skull, shadowcat, Lady deathstrike, Ken, karate Kid, x-23, nightcrawler, gambit, Grifter, omega Red

    will be updated
  • DarkRaiden
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    Where's Raven at? What tier?
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
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    I will add her. Are Dr?
  • DarkRaiden
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    edited October 2012
    Oh and what about Doomsday (all of his versions. If they are separate, state so and which tier).

    EDIT: Scratch that I just saw H/P Doomsday is banned so nvm. What about Ghostrider?
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
    Rondre Sleaze Twin Members Posts: 368 ✭✭
    Doomsday H/P is a sub skyfather. he's out if you want DOS I'll put him in at top tier. Only one version for each chatracter unless it is hulk.
  • MorganFreemanKing
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    are these the characters we have to chose from or are they there to give us a point of reference?
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
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    characters to choose some. If you want more added let me know. Still working on adding more. Just on herochat, cbr, neogaf, kmc and otherboards collecting info.
  • DarkRaiden
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    Where's Mimic and Multiple Man?
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
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    Dr, make a list and l will add them, still working on the list. prob wont be complete until friday.
  • MorganFreemanKing
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    leech, speedball, morph, sleepwalker, doppelganger, moon knight, list goes on.
  • evoljeanyes
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    Adam Warlock w/ the soul powers above surfer and Thor in my mind.
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
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    Loses soul gem than
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
    Rondre Sleaze Twin Members Posts: 368 ✭✭
    I will warn u 🤬 pay attention to the draft list. Do ur research there are some steals in there if u pay attention. Especially in the herald level tier some of those dudes might be to low at 3 i think. Once tomorrow comes along the draft list will be final and no changes. I got two suprises for the participants. Keep an eye out.
  • evoljeanyes
    evoljeanyes Members Posts: 3,740 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Adam Warlock w/ the soul powers above surfer and Thor in my mind. What y'all think?
  • evoljeanyes
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    My bad on the double post @rondre I see you...what about spawn? Where is he?
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
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    At work right now dont know how to edit on my phone got a lot of updates to add to the draft list
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
    Rondre Sleaze Twin Members Posts: 368 ✭✭
    leech, speedball, morph, sleepwalker, doppelganger, moon knight, list goes on.

    Are gon even pick some of these 🤬 .
  • DarkRaiden
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  • evoljeanyes
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    When we cranking the draft...yo who the 🤬 is the mod is this 🤬 . We need a sticky. This hero draft 🤬 has single handedly brought life to QC....
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
    Rondre Sleaze Twin Members Posts: 368 ✭✭
    Monday if sooner we can start sat or sunday
  • Amotekun
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    When we cranking the draft...yo who the 🤬 is the mod is this 🤬 . We need a sticky. This hero draft 🤬 has single handedly brought life to QC....


    Im working on that.

    Currently, no mod is a mod of any single subforum but @sion is supposed to take interest in this particular forum.

    I have approached him about making me a mod to revamp the room according to the visions we've all put forth.

    Really that modship could go to either one of us, but I'd readily accept Rondre Sleaze Twin as mod if he wanted the position deferring to his experience in comic book forums and his knowledge pertaining to characters.

    Either way this subforum needs an active present mod and @thatdamnjay can make that happen.

  • evoljeanyes
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    I will mod this hoe this job is dumb easy
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
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    that's cool if you need anything ill back u up
  • Rondre Sleaze Twin
    Rondre Sleaze Twin Members Posts: 368 ✭✭
    Bout to put the finishing touches on the draft and we will begin with whoever is still in reply
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