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Which Universe Has the Powerful Females, DC or Marvel?

Maximus Rex
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I was thinking about this last night. My initial thought was DC, because of Diana's experience, training, expertise, and the fact she was given her powers by the Olympian gods, Barda for the same reason as Diana, except Divinely given powers, the raw strength of Power Girl, and Kara, add in Zarana's skill with the mystic arts, and Vixen's ability to invoke animals. Also you have Katma and Arisa wielding the most powerful weapons in the universe, in GL power rings. We also can't forget Hawkgirl, The Huntress, Canary, and the other ladies of the DCU.

However, when you factor in the ladies of Marvel, the first one to come to mind is Storm. 'Roro's mastery of the elements ain't to be 🤬 with. In my X-Men Classics, when Alpha Flight tied to take Logan, she ended up causing a blizzard that 🤬 thefor like 2/3rds of Canada and the U.S. and 'Roro can cause a micro climate around an opponent. Jeannie can litterally get in a muthfuckas head, Rogue has experience and strength, if anybody was to go against, Diana, Kara, and PG, it would Rogue, and feel that Rogue would be the Marvel ladies "ace in the hole." The Scarlett Witch could cancel out Zatana, and Susie could use her invisibility powers for force fields surprise attacks, and again we can't forget She-Hulk and Nova. After you factor everything in, I'd say it's a draw.