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Kesha: 'Die Young' Song Yanked From Airwaves Following School Massacre

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The nation is in mourning following the tragedy that occurred last Friday (Dec. 14) at Newtown, Ct.'s Sandy Hook Elementary School. This includes reactions from the entertainment industry out of respect for the victims.

Just as Kesha's party-themed new single "Die Young" was making its way up the charts, the song's ascent has sharply reversed in the wake of the school shooting.

Radio airplay tracking company Mediabase ranked Kesha's "Die Young" at No. 3 on radio playlists on Friday, with 167 million listeners across the country, TMZ reports. By the following day, airplay dropped by 3 million listeners, and on Monday, was down to 148 million.

Mediabase notes that the 19-million-listener drop over the course of one weekend is very rare. It can be compared to the plummet in country radio play the Dixie Chicks faced following their derogatory remarks against then-President George W. Bush back in 2003.

We'll have to wait and see how dramatic an effect radios' decisions to pull Kesha's ill-timed track has on her Billboard chart standing. As of last week, she was at the No. 3 spot on the Hot 100.


  • Serious Juice Mayne
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    She corny anyways
  • Kat
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    If you've heard any of her other songs you won't miss it much cause it's not all that different.
  • King Lee
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    Im sure she has more hits
  • damobb2deep
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    smh so 6 year olds are gonna be in a up roar ova a song they prolly dont understand?
  • cobbland
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    Her song was removed from that station, but Chief Keef nor Lil Mouse have had their songs removed from stations in Chicago.

    I thought people were going to start taking a closer look at "gun talk" and "killing?" Wouldn't want to send the wrong message while examining what's wrong with "American culture." Right?

    Wait a minute, Keef's and Mouse's target audience aren't as adorable or impressionable, nor do they elicit widespread public sympathy.

    Never mind, I almost got ahead of myself.

  • atribecalledgabi
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    soooo what does this song have to do with the tragedy & who made that connection in the first place?
  • Aristo_V300
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    🤬 body look like a cardboard box...
  • genocidecutter
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    Q45T wrote: »
    🤬 body look like a cardboard box...

  • r.prince18
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    funny how the entertainment biz always has to hide and be careful during tragedies like these but the news media can exploit these tragedies as much as they want.
  • soulatlantic
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    They pulled it up there, but it's still in very heavy rotation here on the NY/NJ stations