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Screen protectors for smartphones....

naomi shambles
naomi shambles Members Posts: 150 ✭✭
I have ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I will be with sprint. I want a screen protector for my phone and I have already ordered an Otterbox. My question is should i try to purchase screen protectors off amazon and apply them myself(they usually come with video tutorials) or should I go to sprint or somewhere and have a "professional" do it? If so what is the cost? Can I bring my own pack of protectors for them to use? I will definitely use screen protectors. I used to just not peel the one off that came on the phone out of the box and just slapped a case on it, but alot of just out of the box phones have protectors that have graphics on them which makes them impractical to use and therefore I would have to peel it off and use something. I refuse to not use one. Anyone have experiences or suggestions? I am going to be with this phone for 2 years I want to protect it.