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yoooo....Solid State Hard Drives are GOAT

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We are finally free from this fragile 🤬 :


back in the day i dropped a IDE drive 1 inch onto a hard surface while it was on and i cried because i knew that 🤬 was ruined smh lol.

SSDs damn near indestructible in comparison

and THE SPEED 🤬 THE SPEED. EVERY LITTLE THING YOU ASK WINDOWS TO DO JUST HAPPENS INSTANTLY ITS ALMOST CREEPY. You know how like, after Windows start and you get the Start button, you always gotta wait a bit for other 🤬 to load before you can really start goin bout your biz? Yeah. That 🤬 don't happen no more w/ SSD.

Run a file search on Windows? Instant results, even on external hard drives. Whaaaaaaaaat.

they HAVE to put these in game consoles


  • CottonCitySlim
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    the down side is..it has a very low number of write cycles
  • king bloo
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    SSD's are ass. When one chip fails on the board, the whole drive dies instantly. I've seen hard drives linp along for over a year with bad sectors and failing mechanisms. No such luck with SSD's, one piece goes, you're 🤬 outta luck. I was doing a deployment in Afghanistan last July and the hardened equipment came with SSD's. Set up the arrays and one of them was bad within 2 hrs of getting 🤬 set up. With a normal HD, I could at least get some life out of it until a replacement unit arrived, but with an SSD, nothing.
  • BoldChild
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    DO they still have a high rate of failure?