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North Dakota student posted mock 🤬 sex ad on CL, then cries attack and abduction (With Picture)

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A student who advertised a sex fantasy on Craigslist involving a mock 🤬 has been arrested after she later claimed to have been abducted and attacked. Police launched a search for an alleged attacker who wore a ski mask after Mary Kate Gullickson claimed she was the victim of a sexual assault.

The 20-year-old psychology major told police in Fargo, North Dakota, that she had been forced into a vehicle and 🤬 before being dropped back at a parking lot at the North Dakota State University. Campus police launched a hunt for the attacker while warning other female students to be on their guard.

But when the 'attacker' heard about the assault and the fear that had spread among other students he went to police. The man told police he answered an advert placed on Craigslist by Gullickson who was seeking sex in a role play fantasy that involved her being kidnapped and 🤬 . He said he was instructed to grab her off the street, bound her with duct tape, force her to have sex and then drop her off.

Investigators tracked down Gullickson's Craigslist advert and uncovered the email and phone number associated with it. They also searched Gullickson's iPhone which contained so many responses to the advert the student was unable to say which response came from the man she eventually met. Guillickson also allegedly asked some of the responders to pay her $100 for the privilege of participating in the fantasy with her. When asked why she lied to police about the alleged 🤬 , Gullickson said her boyfriend forced her to report the encounter as a 🤬 , according to InForum.

Campus police had taken complaint so seriously that they sent out an email to all students informing them they were investigating a report of a man in a blue ski mask carrying out a 🤬 . A charging document said the report caused widespread worry across the campus and wasted police time in the investigation.

Gullickson,of Fargo pleaded guilty in Cass County District Court to a single count of false information to law enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor. Prosecutors in the case asked for Gullickson to be sentenced to time served for the Class A misdemeanor, with a year of supervised probation during which she was set to receive a psychiatric evaluation and to follow through with the treatment recommended for her. Judge Douglas Herman approved the recommendation.

Gullickson will also have to pay restitution, covering the cost of investigating the bogus 🤬 claim. Prosecutors have 60 days to provide the bill to the court.