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Thinking of trading in, advice!!!!

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As yall know I bout that 03 cadillac seville sts for like 3 grand and its been cool
no major repairs, just tires and brake pads
all in all, it does the job for a side car
has 130k miles

Now my main car is a 05 chevy monte carlo ls
damn near 97k miles, just replaced the battery today and will have to replace the brake pads also

Now even tho its reliable, I'm go need something with lower mileage for the next couple years to ride in until i get a house, then at that point I will have a primary and have a project car on the side.

Both cars are paid off and I own them.
So you think I should trade both in towards something with very low mileage and just grown man it til my project car?

Trade one in for a lil bucket?

Cars I'm thinking about trading in for and putting money down on:
pontaic g8(not that common of a car and most of them tend to have near 60k miles already)
lexus es
infinti g37 or 45
bmw 745 or li
jeep wrangler( for off road exploits and road trips benefits)
2013 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan
2013 Jeep Patriot