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New: Kelly Rowland "🤬 Laundry"

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  • buttuh_b
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    People going crazy over this on Instagram. Gonna play this now.
  • buttuh_b
    buttuh_b Members Posts: 13,544 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Scorned women gon love this.
  • Meta_Conscious
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    [email protected] the cussing in todays "rnb"...
  • Muhannad
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    I guess Kelly is kinda desperate to release something like this. She embarassed herself by releasing this. She should've kept this to herself IMHO. Kelly's more classy than this. Leave this for the Mary J. Blighe's and Keiysha Cole's.

    Who wrote this BTW. Lyrics are awful.
  • Valentinez A. Kaiser
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    She can't even sing about getting her ass beat without mentioning Beyonce....smh
  • gh0st
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    She can't even sing about getting her ass beat without mentioning Beyonce....smh

    Beyonce runs them 🤬 ask Matthew Knowels

  • atribecalledgabi
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    i'm not mad at it...kinda like it.

    i just hope she uses this as a stepping stone to some better music...if her new 🤬 sounds like this she can hang it up.
  • Muhannad
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    Ok, I listened to this again and I still wonder why she felt the need to put this sh*t out. What was the point of this song? With all that money she has made she should've hit up a psychiatrist or a therapist.
    It's a shame because without the weave she's a pretty woman IMO. If only she would realize it...

    This was some sad, selfdepreciating, selfhating loser sh*t. What did she and her team think this song would do for her? Get these single mother/ mad at the world type/ stank attitude having, selfhating, can't keep a man, choosing losers over real men then turn around and blame everyone else for their f*ckups, 'strong' females to relate to this. Mary J. and even Keiysha Cole got that market cornered. Her team dropped the ball on this one. That techno stuff like Work > 🤬 Laundry...
  • R.D.
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    I like it *shrugs*
  • Kat
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    I have a feeling this song was more for her own therapeautic purposes than it was meant to be a hit.

    It's good to get things off your chest sometimes.

    As for the song itself..eh, it's okay.
  • dontdiedontkillanyon
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    Kelly should have kept this 🤬 quiet.
  • dwade206
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    Song is garbage. I guess when all else fails, the clothes come off and the explicit lyrics get written. 🤬 outta here
  • A1000MILES
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    Still ain't listened...But these women outchea ridin and dyin for this song...
  • Kat
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    Males are overreacting.
  • real_hh_rep
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    She's worse with each album. I guess acting like skank didn't work , so she tries to play that hoodrat role. Eww. 🤬 is too old for that.
  • Ounceman
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    never really paid attention to any of kelly's solo songs anyway. but i do know one thing, she can come sit on my 🤬
  • blackrain
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    The Dream wrote this...no wonder it's garbage
  • Muhannad
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    Like I said, she's desperate and this is a last ditch effort. She's going for that hardluck black broad/ hoodrat demographic like I stated before.

    I see she's breaking down crying at every show and interview. When interviewed she seemingly can't keep Bey's name out of her mouth while Bey rarely mentions her. lol @ That album cover BTW. She doesn't need all this because she's talented...
  • jayloveboogie
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  • R.D.
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    decent album
  • MoneyPowerRespect
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    i believe that this was for her own therapeutic purposes like Kat said. but you all never wondered what Kelly was doing while Bey was out here doing her thing? i believe that this song addressed a lot of skepticism. the song is called '🤬 Laundry'. i wouldn't have thought it was going to be 'positive' or anything like that. i've only heard it once, but it's ok for what it is.
  • R.D.
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    nobody listened to the album ? its kinda tough
  • Breezy_Kilroy
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    Supposedly the Destinys Child song "Girls" ties in with this track.
    It's another song too but I don't remember.
    My girl was talking to me about it like a gave a 🤬 .
    Funny how women all feel connected with this 🤬 .
    Sounds like it was just something she needed to get off her chest. Nothing wrong with that
  • StillFaggyAF
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    R.D. wrote: »
    nobody listened to the album ? its kinda tough

    im bout to cop it