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Wale at the Breakfast Club.. (video inside)

illedout Members Posts: 8,194 ✭✭✭✭✭
Wale talking 🤬 ..


  • CJ
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    Really good interview, kinda made me look at him different.
  • SheerExcellence
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    CJ wrote: »
    Really good interview, kinda made me look at him different.

    i was going to say the same thing. I am anticipating his album. this should be a good summer for music.
  • illedout
    illedout Members Posts: 8,194 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yea this was definitely a good interview..
  • IceBergTaylor
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    edited May 2013
    Wale was firing shots at alotta 🤬 in the game. Good ass interview, Floarin that 🤬 . 1st day cop.
  • illedout
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    🤬 said the so called hottest 🤬 in the game right now
    spit like how he freestyle..
  • t_m_a_c_f_a_n73088
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    Wale was firing shots at alotta 🤬 in the game. Good ass interview, Floarin that 🤬 . 1st day cop.

    while I agree with him he raps w/ 🤬 like french montana which are a perfect example of the 🤬 he was talkin bout. I know he can't rap w/ only certain/great rappers but I'm just saying. Anyways dope interview, he overrating his 🤬 as usual but it is what it is. Ain't none of the MMG 🤬 as dope as they think they are.
  • StillFaggyAF
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  • t_m_a_c_f_a_n73088
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    Is this new?

  • eternal soldier
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    That 🤬 SnapBack is seeping through his head.

    Great interview nonetheless.
  • Kellmill
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    The best thing about what he said to me is how everyone compares the new cats to the legends in the game. KRIT, Wale, Cole, Kendrick are all dope and are bringing about a new golden age, they shouldn't be compared to the past so much. We should just appreciate the present talent thats out
  • WiseGuyy
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    This interview made me wanna cop the Album
  • CirocObama
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    edited June 2013
    Charla wildin' with that "the current era is the new golden era". Golden eras were never looked as golden eras at the time either. People look BACK at those eras and THEN call them golden eras. So people didn't appreciate what was out then too.

    80's: "Aww, rap is just a trend & won't last. Bunch of guys cussin' & screamin' with no musical talent. Back in my days we had greats like James Brown etc. etc., now all we have is guys like (insert current popular rapper(s)).."

    90's: "Rap ain't what it used to back. Rappers can't even perform like they used to. Everybody just raps about guns, drugs & crime while grabbing their junk. Back in my days it was about who the best MC was & rocking a crowd. We had greats like LL, KRS, Rakim etc. etc., now all we have is (insert current popular rapper(s)).."

    00's: "Rap is so watered down. Back in my days you had a balance of Wu, Death Row etc. etc., now we have (insert curent popular rapper(s), a bunch of wack talentless rappers just screaming on records & making songs about 🤬 & money"

    2023 (in 10 years): "What happened to rap? Back in my days we had Nicki Minaj, Wayne, Drake, Asap Rocky etc. etc., so much great memories & good music. Way better than (insert current popular artist(s)..like for comment/thumbs up for comment xD"


    But both him & Wale made good points as well. I agree with homie above with the point about him doing songs with alot of wack 🤬 which makes his point null & void, but he's still a dope MC. I slept on him for a while tbh.

    Wale, Cole (even tho i ain't up on him that much still), TDE and a few others are cool. Drake isn't for me & his content sounds forced & repetitive sometimes but he ISN'T talentless at all. I'm not a dude who judges him cuz he isn't a thug or making thug music either.

    Bottom line is hip-hop fans are a bunch of complaining ass, hypocritical, don't know wtf they want ass fans in every sense.
  • soulfulcat
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    Man if cats want the companies to stop selling the artists brands, these cats are the ones that have to change it. Drake, Cole, And Wale. Kendrick did what he was supposed to do. He was the first artist in awhile to have that many singles off an album. But he made his self available. Went to award shows, had visuals for his songs, went to interviews. These cats gotta do what was going on during the "Backstage" days and make the fans buy what y'all are selling
  • starvin
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    Wal-aye ( I had to man lol)
  • Billy_Poncho
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    Thank 🤬 he isn't chewing gum like a ratchet female this time...