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How many years do you think TNA will be around?

r.prince18 Members Posts: 1,353 ✭✭✭✭✭
With TNA's rumor monry problems and releasing wrestlers and some leaving big names leaving do you think there gonna be around in the next maybe 4 or 5 years and if they do fall who else do you think can give wwe some competition.


  • Chi-Town Bully
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    TNA releasing talent while others are being paid 2 months late it's not looking good for this company
  • Broddie
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    They surpassed expectations by being around for 11 years they'll be around another 5. Spike even renewed them for another 5 years. It's amazing to me how people know all about a private company's finances since that isn't public information. They've obviously been healthy enough to finally go on the road and tape live instead of playing in front of non paying spectators in the impact zone.

    They now double the crowd number on the road and actually get paid at the box office. Locker room morale is better than ever and you can see it by the chemistry everybody on the roster has with each other and more consistent booking of the roster. This is the best mid card and main event line up in the company's history. They hired experienced people in key positions recently and are getting rid of dead weight on the roster. If WCW would've done that maybe Vince McMahon wouldn't have bought them.

    WWE has been around since the 50's and TNA has been around since 2002. They don't even cater to the same audiences. TNA caters more to the traditional southern wrestling fans that only watched WCW as well as foreigners & older smarks meaning a lot of adults. WWE is more hollywood and family oriented with younger casual smarks who get their revisionist history from WWE DVD's and genuine smarks making up the rest of their audience. TNA is a wrestling promotion and WWE is sports entertainment. There is a market for both and the markets are not interchangeable though it's possible to enjoy both.

    TNA will not be WWE because they don't have the generational conditioning and brand awareness of WWE or the same business plan. They've created their own lane and have been making enough steps to even grow way beyond what it originally was. TNA is the only wrestling promotion since WCW's demise to not only stay in business but go global and actually average over a million viewers every week with their flagship show. They dominate WWE TV in the ratings out in the UK. Not bad for the brand that nobody outside of 🤬 wrestling fans even knows.

    Right now the only thing that would make TNA even better is Hogan, Bischoff, their offspring and Pritchard leaving. Hogan's contract is almost up anyway. But they're headed in the right direction seeking a better marketer and getting a more experienced pro wrestling TV producer plus going on the road and successfully expanding brand awareness has made 2013 a landmark year for that brand's history.

  • LUClEN
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    hopefully forever

    women in TNA pants ftw

    [img]https://sphotos-a.🤬 .fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/p480x480/15733_363613990466_391648_n.jpg[/img]
  • jono
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    I'll give 'em another 5-10, hopefully longer. They have to find their niche and stick with it. The bread and butter of the promotion for most of its run has been the X-division but they have changed so much about it that it's no way the same as many fans known it to be.

    The x-division went from no limits to weight limits, from great singles matches to every match being triple threat, this change takes the division into gimmick category, they aren't serious bout it anymore. 🤬 I remember when the x-division would be a portion of the show: x-division guys in tag teams and other various match types all over the show but these days they get about one match a week. That's about the same amount of air time as the women, that's a huge change in direction.

    TNA has bigger names than they used to have and a better main event scene but they gutted their midcard which was always the strong suit of the company.

    It's not just the x-division either, their tag team division is kinda 🤬 right now too and it used to be stacked as well.

    All these changes began when Hogan came on board and they changed the ring, it went from having a unique look and feel to being like everyone else.

    I can't knock all their changes though, getting Jarrett out the main events was a great move, holding on to Angle & Sting was another, the title shot stipulation for the x-division title was an instant hit with me (even though they ruined it this year), the Open Fight Night concept is dope, cutting PPVs and focusing om TV was probably a good move and I'm sort of warming up to the BFGS, so they doing some good things too.

  • Mr. Rich Pryor
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    will be 1 year if they dont fix their 🤬 !
    & da tna hos need to enter da porn so we can get some piff my brothas!
  • Serious Juice Mayne
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    It's over real soon. It's really a wrap shocked it went this long ... I say in 3 years Vince walkin in the impact zone
  • Paul Hate.
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    At least another five years they just recently resigned with spike.they need to drop all the so called name talent they have and focus on advertising the show.

    All these guys angle sting 3d etc had long runs but aren't helping promote he company,they better of using those funds to buy ad space.

    That's the main issue right now.advertise on all wwe shows and UFC mma shows and as much male orientated programs as possible.