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Sugar and Soda bad for Sperm Count (no 🤬 )?

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Well thank 🤬 I'm not trying to have a baby.


Diet may also play a role in sperm count. It is possible that high sugar intake or high blood sugar may damage sperm. A diet heavy in soy products could reduce sperm count.
Sperm count and beef consumption: U.S. women who eat a lot of beef while pregnant give birth to sons who grow up to have low sperm counts. Perhaps pesticides, hormones or contaminants in cattle feed may be to blame. Chemicals can build up in the fat of animals that eat contaminated feed or grass, and cattle are routinely given hormones to boost their growth. In sons of 'high beef consumers' (more than seven beef meals a week), sperm concentration is lower.

http://beef.osu.edu/library/🤬 .html


    Hi rook
    Good thread. Red meat is not good my doctor has alwya told me that. Since i have reduced my meat consuption by 60% a year my health and sex life got way better
  • Chef_Taylor
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    If thats reducing it then what boost it?
  • indyman87
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    Doubletee wrote: »
    If thats reducing it then what boost it?

    oysters. They contain a large amount of zinc sulfate. But it's cheaper to just get zinc sulfate off of ebay .

  • Chef_Taylor
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    They dont sell that at gnc.
  • indyman87
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    yea. you can only get it online at places like ebay and amazon. Make sure you're not allergic to sulfur. Chickpeas, yogurt, and baked beans also have zinc in it but not as high as oysters.
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    Just have to laugh, sorry guys not to into the particulars of 🤬 , I am a nihilist and gain more comfort in knowing the count are dropping.
  • 32DaysOfInfiniti
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    Probably for the best, alot of these kids coming up have no business impregnating anyone
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    Probably because it raises the acidity level in your body outrageously.
  • 9TRAY
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    All I drink is water anyway

  • indyman87
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    If anyone's interested there's a substance in Fava beans, cowitch beans called mucuna pruriens/L-Dopa that's is said to increase testosterone 95%. you can also lower sugar blood levels by taking vinegar, cinnamon or blending Aztec Cactus flour into bread and/or cake recipes.


    The benefits of mucuna pruriens are numerous.

    The amazing herbal adaptogen that is mucuna pruriens is well known for it's wide range of tonifying, strengthening and all around beneficial properties. Perhaps it is best known as a potent herbal aphrodisiac. This Indian herb is known by many names, some of which are cowitch, cowhage, velvet beans, sea beans, buffalo beans, Kapikachu, Atmagupta and many more!

    Dopamine also increases other youth hormones such as testosterone (it must be mentioned that these increases are never throwing the endocrine system out of balance, merely improving levels which tend to decrease over time in the average person).
  • genocidecutter
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    Still drinking my faygos
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