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The Hot Seat: how long does one have to suck to find themselves in it?

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And have themselves traded, cut, fired, waived, etc....

By leagues: NFL
Let's say a 1st round QB? A top RB? A head coach? GM?

A #1 overall pick? Does it vary by position?

Head coach? GM?

A prized pitcher? Highly-priced free agent? Manager?


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    QB- 3 years at most if that player has been fairly healthy and hasn't really progressed.

    Head Coach- it depends on the expectations of the team. If the team is rebuilding then they'll get 4/5 years. If the team is expected to compete they'll get 3 years tops.

    GM- they tend to last 4/5 years before they start to feel pressure if the team continues to stink.


    Number 1 picks vary, if the guy is one of those 1 and dones and he struggles out the gate, he'll get at least 4 seasons. If it's someone a little older like a 21/22 year old their rope is shorter.

    Head coach/GM- see NFL
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    Too many factors to determine.

    Ownership- Are they the ones that drafted or hired the person that sucks? Are the current owners just so much in love with that player or coach that they are blinded by loyalty or their big egos for hiring or drafting them in the first place? Are the owners compounding the problem by constantly changes coaches and personnel?

    Contract situation- Is the move economically sound? Is the move gonna cause a salary cap situation? How much longer does the player or coach have on their contract?

    Next up- Who's next in line? Is this move gonna make you better or are you doing it to just get rid of the person?

    New kid on the block- Is the next guy in line just so much better that you just can't ignore him?

    Trust me, sometimes in business you have to keep employees that you are not too fond of for the sake of the business.

    I have an employee that has been with me since 1999. He misses about 5 days a month. His breath smells like he chews chittlin' flavored bubble gum and he scares the 🤬 out of some of my female employees. But he is my most lucrative earner in his dept. I am stuck with him for now until someone better comes along.

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    All I is when you're a black head coach the hot seat is the day you're hiring.
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    As soon as Priest Holmes got injured its like he didnt exist.

    SDs LT lasted two seasons after the Chargers let him go.

    I forgot about what happened to Terrel davis but I dont remember him in the 2000s at all as great as he was.

    Great RBs two years max in that hot seat.

    Very few Emmits and Gores that last even after the production declines. Health is key.
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    This man wants to know
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    It all depends. I've never believed in benching or firing anybody when you're winning. (i.e. firing a coach for playoff/bowl losses or benching a QB with a winning record.)

    With a coach, it's all about control of the team. When you see a bunch of "player only meetings", penalties, and the team just giving up game after game -- he's gotta go. No matter what his resume' look like.

    With a QB -- if he's personally losing games for you, he's gotta sit.
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    Priest Holmes got that treatment at texas and Baltimore. Also the steelers will let you be garbage a few years.
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    For some things like QB its hard to say because you look at a QB like Jason Campbell who really wasn't a bad QB but having to literally learn a different offensive system every year he was on the 'Skins probably 🤬 him up more than anything to do with his talent in terms of his not succeeding
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    Mike Tomlin might be in it even though it aint really on him imo