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Some phone 🤬

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Aiight I been usin this minute phone for like two years now, not much use for it, never used that much, didnt spend too much a month, etc. it was a blackberry, bold I believe. Well that 🤬 bout dead, got a one year old that went ham on it. So now im in the market.

Im assuming a supervisory role so I know Ima need a phone, otherwise I'd say 🤬 it. Im lookin at the iPhone 5 and the 5s....one of the plans is like 69 euros a month, 1 gig of internet or some 🤬 , unlimited calls/texts (I pay 1 euro one time fee for the 16gb Iphone 5) and the other 79 eruo/mo (2gb internet set up, unltd blah blah, I pay a one time fee of 29 euro for the device)

Both are two year plans, Im going to need them at least until 2017. Things is, i aint too hip on the new phone 🤬 , so I need somebody some schoolin. what should I do?

on a sidenote, I can get a free iphone 4 or 4s and just get the cheap plan for 49 eu/mo. Only thing with those is that they need screen repair and need to be completely wiped of all information of the prev owner (a family member)

help a young player out.