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Executive Producer of EA Issues Apology for NBA Live 14

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I’m not going to lie; it’s been a rough week. As you can imagine, this isn’t exactly the NBA LIVE comeback story we were hoping for this year.

We hear loud and clear that some of you are disappointed in various aspects of NBA LIVE 14, and I’m sorry if the game doesn’t live up to your expectations. Looking at your feedback, we have laid out a plan to make NBA LIVE 14 a better game as quickly as we can.

First, you’ve told us that the game is too hard to learn, and that the only way to figure it out is through frustrating trial-and-error. As a result, we are working on improving the way the game teaches the controls and on-boards new users. We realize that every single one of you is a new user and know we need to make the game easier to understand and simpler to pick up and play.

We’re also conducting an ongoing series of Twitch Live Streams to teach the skills that will help make your game experience a better one. We have our producers and designers online seven days a week to answer your questions and to offer other helpful game advice. Additionally, we’ve posted Controller Guide, Perfecting Your Style and Levels of the Dribble blogs on the NBA LIVE website which we hope will help you with basic offense, defense, play calling and more.

We’re not going to stop there. You’ve also let us know that you’re disappointed by the graphics and animations, and I can tell you that we are committed to making drastic and immediate improvements. In order to get gameplay up and running this year we had to prioritize. We felt authentic gameplay, control and the connected experience would provide the best foundation for the future. As a result, game visuals and animation polish suffered. Improvements on these fronts are also in development now for NBA LIVE 14. You will notice in the coming weeks and months that the game’s visuals and animation will improve significantly.

A goal from the start was to stay relevant to the ongoing NBA season and evolve your gaming experience. We’ve been hearing that you love LIVE Season, and many of you are having a lot of fun with BIG Moments. We’re really glad to hear you’re enjoying the mode, and rest assured we will continue updating LIVE Season with new BIG Moments and NBA Rewind games every single day of the season. We’ve also gotten a lot of great feedback on LIVE Ultimate Team, and we’ve still got some big announcements and major additions coming down the road, so stick around for that.

Let me wrap up with this; for those of you who have supported us throughout this development cycle and continue to have our backs now, thank you. We’ve got a lot of work to do; I’ve got a lot of work to do. It started 12 months ago, and continues until we build this franchise bigger and better than it ever was. This is just the first chapter in the NBA LIVE comeback story.


    Live aint been 🤬 since 07(last one I actually bought). 2K been 🤬 on live ever since then. I still think the best lives was 97, 98, 04, and 07.
  • KingFreeman
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    Live was the 🤬 in 98. 2k been killing those 🤬 since Dreamcast.
  • CashmoneyDux
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    Whats the difference between live and 2k?
  • funkdocdamc
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    icks86 wrote: »
    It started 12 months ago, and continues until we build this franchise bigger and better than it ever was.
    This is probably why the game is still 🤬 . They have been MIA for 3 years, but only worked on this game for 12 months?...foh.
    Whats the difference between live and 2k?
    The game play. It just feels like a real basketball game. The graphics are better etc etc. it's kinda like goldeneye64(N.B.A 2K) and C.O.D(live post 07). I can't really explain the B ball games differences so I'm just gonna do it this way lol.

    goldeneye (N.B.A 2K):
    goldeneye64 soundtrack (classic video game music).
    when you 🤬 somebody and hear the sound of the bullet hitting somebody.
    The dramatic dying animation and the music that plays when you get murked. The 🤬 was epic!
    The sound of the weapons.
    the walking/running pace, damn near perfect.
    The sound of shattering glass and bullets ricocheting off of 🤬 .
    The sound and destruction of bombs.
    great levels

    C.O.D post modern warfare 4(LIVE):
    wack and forgettable soundtrack.
    when you 🤬 somebody they just fall out super fast like an arcade style game.
    when you die you just die in the most lame way no matter how you died.
    sound of the weapons sound watered down as 🤬 .
    the walking/running pace is the same as on P.C F.P.S's. too damn fast, the physics suck.
    watered down destruction. Bombs make lame explosions, guns don't really feel too different etc etc.
    lame ass huge basically empty maps

  • Recaptimus_Prime360
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    Well dag. You know a game's controls are hard when they gotta set up a tutorial class on how to use them.
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    I seen the gameplay to Live smh. that game is fukin horrible, mane

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    EA needs to let go of the NFL license and let 2K games son them there, too. Scam artists known as EA finally got their skirts pulled up.