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Craziest Church moments

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I'm sure some of you have Been to a ghetto church before who am I kidding 80% of you are either 🤬 nerds or 12 year old white boys but i'ma make this thread anyway.
I grew up in a church that was a block away from one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in my homeTown. Nothing was on that street but empty lots and liquor stores . Zombies EVERYWHERE!
We had a 🤬 driver run into the side of the building in the middle of service
a 🤬 got shot he crawled his way to the front starting banging on the door but our 🤬 stay locked you aint just coming all late bleeding n 🤬 .
cars were broken into big whoop but the one thing I remember the most was when this girl got exposed by her mom for dropping out of school to sell 🤬 .

🤬 !
that was the last time I seen her she was not coming back after that
I also remember seeing one of my 🤬 get smacked upside his head for talking during the sermon. It got mad quiet. I had to get up cuz i was lol historically


  • OmegaConflict
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    I seen a old lady suddenly say "Oooh lawd" she gets up and powered walked to the bathroom and one slipped out. I said I heard that..
  • MoneyPowerRespect
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    I was 12, I heard the usher's talking about the deacons.

    #1: uh huh girl. Deacon Johnson tried to get that young girl to lickhis [iI]thang[/I]
    #2: HUSH YO MOUTH! did she do it?
    #1: you know she did. But you didn't hear it from me...

    They were 'whispering' but THE ENTIRE PEW HEARD IT. The girl they were talking about was sitting right next to me. It was embarrassing...
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