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How do you handle paint chips on your vehicle

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do you leave them be, or do you find a way to fill em up

I was washing my car the other day, and I found some really small paint chips on my bumper which 🤬 me off, because I know it happened in the past week. Wondering what I should do about it. Its not noticeable until you get basically face to face with it


  • Poach
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    there are a few options when it comes to this. if your tech savvy and arnt worried about 🤬 🤬 up. take the bumper off

    or if your worried about that then if you can leave your car inside a garage for a few days thatl be best. if not then jsut proceed with the next steps

    clean the bumber and well the whole car really well, use an auto soap with NO wax. or one that helps remove it.

    now you have a few options. you can match the color of your car, the info should be on the inside of your door. and take the color to an autopaint store. get the pen or the small 1.5oz container of paint. the pen is easier but may not look the best.

    tape off the chipped area as close as possible and then apply the paint. patience is key to painting you can always add more but not take it off without 🤬 🤬 up. add small amounts of the paint until you feel the chip is filled in. then let it dry. the longer the better if it says fully dry in 24 hours wait 48...

    clean up the tape and 🤬 , then wax the 🤬 up.

    good luck
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    i would call out a a mobile paint chip company depending on how bad they are, they not expensive and it doesnt take to long... if they arnt that bad i would leave them, roads are so bad these days you cant help but get a few stone chips