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Thank the LORD

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i want to thank the LORD for being HIM.. for being who He says He is... TRUE to His Word.

HE brings me great joy, great peace in times of need.

in the lowest of lows, He is right there to pick me up on great wings.

He lifts my spirit up and never gets tired of giving.

He gives when you ask, and He gives when you dont ask.

How GREAT is our LORD. PRAISE the LORD. King of KINGS.

He is my provider, my rock, my shelter.

Leads me to streams of peaceful waters when times are rough.

corrects me in my mistakes, enlightens me in my ignorance.

when i feel pressure, He is never late to comfort me to let me know that no matter what, He loves me. and all He asks is for my Heart in marriage. mistakes and all. faith is freedom.

Praise be to the Mighty LORD. AMEN.

what are you thankful for.


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