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Medical Personnel Witness Possessed Boy Walk Up Wall

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Medical Personnel Witness Possessed Boy Walk Up Wall

Latoya Ammons claims that she and her two children were possessed by over 200 demons living in her Gary, Indiana home, which also convinced 36-year veteran of the Gary Police Department, Police Capt. Charles Austin. He initially thought the family had concocted an elaborate scheme to make money, but after several visits to the home and interviews with witnesses, he now says, "I'm a believer."

Most of the events that have occurred in the home are detailed in 800-pages of official records taken by police, DCS personnel, psychologists, family members and a Catholic priest. After Latoya and her family moved into the home in 2011, they started noticing strange happenings like swarms of flies covering their door in the middle of winter. Latoya also claims that the family heard footsteps in the basement, but the strangest event happened when her extended family was in her home, mourning hte death of a loved one.

It was on that night that Ammons was called into a bedroom, where she claims she saw her 12-year-old daughter levitating, unconscious. Several people at the home claim they surrounded the girl and began praying, and when she came to, the girl allegedly remembered nothing.

Not long after the first harrowing event, Ammons' youngest son tried to choke her middle child and refused to let go until adults pried his hands off. Two registered nurses then took the boys into another room for an interview, where the "possessed" younger child did something strange.

While the boy's grandmother started holding his hand and praying, the boy allegedly started walking backwards up the ceiling while holding his grandmother's hand. Everyone in the room, including the nurses, claim that the incident is true.

After being exorcised several times, Ammons, her kids, and her mother moved to Indianapolis, where they now say they live without fear.

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