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The anti-🤬 straw

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🤬 drugs, for those who don't know, are any drugs that can render someone unconscious, generally those that can be dissolved in liquid and for the intention of nonconsensual sex.

A straw has been developed in Israel by Fernando Patolsky and Michal Ioffe that attempts to combat this.

Currently, the straw can detect the two most popular 🤬 drugs, and in time it will be further developed to detect more types of drugs.

The straw is fast acting and reusable. Right now, the inventors are looking for people to invest in it's development so that it can be cheaply mass-produced to help combat the frequency of 🤬 .

The straw works by mixing a tiny sample of the drink with a testing solution that causes a chemical reaction. If there's a 🤬 drug in the drink, the drink becomes cloudy or colored.

With any luck, this will become a very popular and very available device. Hopefully, it can make a noticeable change to the fact that one in six women will be sexually assaulted.