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Expanded Populations will Colonize 1st???

Soloman_The_Wise Members Posts: 2,817 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Which do you think will be the most viable new Frontier for population growth???

Expanded Populations will Colonize 1st??? 8 votes

Space Stations/Terra Form...
janklowkingblaze84Bazz-B 3 votes
Under Sea/ Artificial Islands...
Focal Pointzombieachewon87Soloman_The_WiseMzKB 5 votes


  • achewon87
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    Under Sea/ Artificial Islands...
    You cannot live in space, too much resources needed...
  • zombie
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    Under Sea/ Artificial Islands...
    Until we work out fusion power or some other kinds of energy going into space will always be too expensive
  • janklow
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    Space Stations/Terra Form...
    going with space on the grounds that someone will slap together a "space colony" more for PR purposes ("look, we put this thing IN SPACE") than viability

    i'll miss those poor colonists when they're cocooned by aliens and whatnot
  • kingblaze84
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    Space Stations/Terra Form...
    I go for space only because billionaires are on record for saying this is being worked on as we speak. Under sea doesn't seem plausible to me, artificial islands sure why not. But I see space happening first, but only for the ultra rich....artificial islands would take a back burner to Asian or Caribbean islands, for now at least