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Uneven Abs

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i noticed about a year ago that my the right and left side of my ab muscles are cut different.

i always thought my left side was cut more than my left because the blocks on my right side were sized differently so you couldnt see the right side as much as my left from a layer of fat.. but i been doing a lotta ab work and i can see clearly now that the left and right side of my abs are cut differently.

my left side is more defined. the cuts are deeper and the muslces on the left side just get bulky-err.. if you get what im saying. the right side lays more flat and less defined.. and i been favoring my right side seldom-ly over the last few months in case its been a distribution thing on my ab workouts. but that has nothing to do with it. and when i feel it, i can feel a clear difference in the ab muscles from side to side.

anybody else have this problem?

bad genes i guess. bad ab genes or sum. cuz a this problem, i see now that some people just have the genetical make-up to have better abs. period. or better anything if the genes favor it.