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Hip Hop Sins Volume 2: Jay Z

soul rattler
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This is a new thread series where we will list all the sins that a popular individual in Hip Hop has committed. These are just jokes, no need to get overly critical. Let's keep the feels at a minimum.

Past threads:

Hip Hop Sins Volume 1: 50 Cent

I'll start the list and y'all can add on

1. Kicking Dame Dash out of Rocafella
2. Signing Anil
3. Blueprint 2
4. Blueprint 3
5. Jacking Young Chris' struggle breath flow
6. Not signing Jaz O
7. "38 revolve like the sun around the earth"
8. Sustaining Swiss Beatz career for so long
9. Leaving condoms in baby seats
10. Bc Chauncey

What did I miss?


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