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Who's the best voice actor?

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There are a lot of different actors that star on the most successful shows, and a lot of them are people who you would never recognize unless you heard them speak

Which actor do you think has the best catalog?

Tara Strong:

Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls
Dill Pickles from Rugrats
Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents
Raven from Teen Titans
Hello Kitty
Harley Quinn in the Batman Arkham video games
Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony
Keira from Jak and Daxter Games
Sienna Williams from Tony Hawk games
Rikku from Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy
Talwyn from Ratchet and Clank

Billy West:

Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd in Space Jam
Fry, Zoidberg, Zapp Branagan, and the Professor from Futurama
Ren and Stimpy
The Voice of the Red M&M
The Voice of the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee
Woody WoodPecker
Shaggy from Scooby Doo

H. Jon Benjamin:

Coach McGuirk from Home Movies
Carl from Family Guy
Sterling from Archer
Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers
Ben from Dr. Katz

John DiMaggio:

🤬 from Futurama
Jake the Dog from Adventure Time
Kimahari from Final Fantasy
Marcus Fenix from Gears of War
Rico from Madagascar
Dr Drakken from Kim Possible
Hak Foo from Jackie Chan Adventures

Dan Castelleneta:

Homer, Grandpa, Krusty, Barney, Groundskeeper 🤬 , and Mayor Quimby from the Simpsons
Earthworm Jim
Jumba from Jackie Chan Adventures
The Robot Devil from Futurama
Earl from Cow and Chicken
Dr. Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future Cartoon
Grandpa Phil from Hey Arnold!

Seth McFarlane:

Stewie, Peter, Brian, Quagmire and Tom Tucker from Family Guy
Stan Smith and Roger the Alien from American Dad
Tim the Bear and Dr. Fist from The Cleveland Show
Ted from the Ted Films
Various Voices on Robot Chicken

Who's the best voice actor? 12 votes

Tara Strong
Dupacdogfromduckhuntthe ghostmikelewisMrCrookedLetter 5 votes
Billy West
hueyLUClEN 2 votes
H. Jon Benjamin
John Dimaggio
StoneColdMikey 1 vote
Dan Castelleneta
nawledge_godA$AP_A$TONnj2089 3 votes
Seth McFarlane
Parallel 1 vote


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