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PlayStation Home To Close in March 2015

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When it was announced back in 2007 PlayStation Home was welcomed as Sony’s response to Second Life. After the launch of the beta in 2008 the limits of the platforms became evident, and while quite a lot of users embraced its virtual society, it never really saw overwhelming success.

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced that, at least for the regions under its umbrella, the adventure has come to an end, and the service is scheduled to close at the end of March 2015. In preparation for the closure, sales of dedicated content will be suspended on September 24th.
Yet, home is going down with a bang, and the house of PlayStation is preparing a large-scale farewell event. While details haven’t been unveiled yet, further news have been promised down the line.
The announcement also specifies that the North American and European versions of the services will not be affected by the closure, and will continue on, at least for now.

Can’t say I’m not a bit saddened by seeing the Japanese PlayStation Home go, especially considering that it had the most quirky and interesting content.