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Devil May Cry 5 For 2015 Has Been Allegedly Confirmed By Capcom

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Good news for Devil May Cry fans as Devil May Cry 5 for 2015 has been allegedly confirmed by Capcom and we would see the return of the old Dante that we all know and love.'

It has been confirmed that Ninja Theory won't be working on a sequel to the Devil May Cry reboot as they are completely engrossed on working on their new IP, Hellblade.

Dualshockers reported that Ninja Theory's only response to DmC 2 questions and whether they are going to make it is a simple "Maybe one day".

Cyberland has reported though that after gamer backlash at the Devil May Cry reboot and it failing to meet financial expectations, Capcom is allegedly back to making the game by themselves and that Devil May Cry 5 is actually in the works right now.

Cyberland noted that fans can expect an announcement at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2014 this September and Devil May Cry 5 may be released this 2015.

No plot details are available at the moment but it has been reported that Devil May Cry 5 would follow Devil May Cry 4 and it could follow the story of Nero.