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Trailer for Nas "Time Is Illmatic" documentary [VIDEO]

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    Is this coming out on DVD?
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    94 was a beautiful year.

    A lot of people say It Was Written is the better album, but those people didn't have Illmatic when it was first released. When Illmatic came out it was unlike anything you'd ever heard. I remember Midnight Marauders, Enter the Wu:36 Chambers and 🤬 coming out slightly before Illmatic and those are all 5 mic classics. But when Illmatic dropped you could safely say that Nas was the illest MC.

    Illmatic didn't go gold when it was released so I guess it's fair to say that it had little impact outside of the core Hip Hop audience I think 🤬 was 4x platinum when it was released but you can't say Snoop was slaying microphones iller than Nas.

    Illmatic was one of those albums that you had to have when it was out, listening to it 5 or 10 years later doesn't do it justice.
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