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🤬 rapper: Lil B vs. Lil Wayne

Nut Did N' Cider
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I keep hearin 🤬 on these IC streets claimin The Based 🤬 is homosexual. They point to his song "I'm a 🤬 , I'm a Lesbian", how he say he a princess and pretty 🤬 . I gotta disagree. IMO he jus touchin on taboo subjects within the hip hop community that no one else would dare go near. Peep his song and lines about bein 🤬 and lookin like Jesus. He jus tryna stir up controversy.

With Lil Wayne on the other hand we got documented photographic (and video) evidence of him making out with other men, and referring to a man with with he shares no genetic code as "Daddy"

I say Lil Wayne is the homosexual and Lil B jus misunderstood