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‘Battlefield 5’ Release Date, News And Updates

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First and foremost, the release date for "Battlefield 5". While "Battlefield 4" was released in 2013, with downloadable content (DLC) available online recently unleashed, "Battlefield 5" release date remains on a vague 2016, possibly due to EA focusing on the upcoming "Battlefield: Hardline" that is set to be released in March 17, 2015.

Breaking away from the military setting, upon the "Battlefield Hardline" release date, fans of the "Battlefield" franchise will experience both playing the police and the criminals. As a law enforcer, the player will assume the role of SWAT officer, Nick Mendoza who straddles the line between good and evil as his character is also involved in criminal activities.

This upcoming "Battlefield: Hardline" will focus on the police and the existing war on crime as well as those members of the force who choose the dark side, so to speak. While "Battlefield: Hardline" has moved away from the traditional players of the "Battlefield" series, the upcoming "Battlefield 5" will revert back to the original players of the "Battlefield" franchise.

Blake Jorgensen of EA shares the gameplay of "Battlefield 5" upon its release date. Talking during the UBS Global Technology Conference, he shares "That will be a return to a Battlefield military-style game; more to come on that."

Stay for more news and updates on "Battlefield 5". "Battlefield 5" release date has been set on the holiday season of 2016. Hopefully, no more delays are encountered and production goes on smoothly.