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Song Of The Day: Rich Boy ft Fiend - Come & Get Me

T. Sanford
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I'm doing 150 while I'm feeling on some silicon 🤬 /
if the b**ch as ugly then she ain't riding with me/
everything in life & always what you think it is/
you go from balling to the feds kicking in ya crib/
how tf you selling dope when you is a ex junkie/
the police put you in that suit just like the next monkey/
wrist watch, big chain got my neck chunky/
good kush & George Bush got the ride bumpkin/
I work for Benjamin Franklin I like to play with green/
500 horses pushing my Chevrolet machine/
my rims turned 28 they had a birthday/
today gonna be a holiday, we call it purp day

you gotta ride to this 🤬 with a old school muscle car

This song use to ride in 09