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Has anyone who has said "I'm trying to find myself" ever ended up finding themselves?

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I'm sure some of you are in this journey to discover who you are because 18+ years really isn't enough time to realize who you are. And its so much easier to drop out of school or not look for jobs b/c 'you are trying to find yourself' only problem is you weren't ever lost, right?

what a 🤬 phrase


  • Darius
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    this thread about to blow up
  • American Loo VII 3D
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    i always took that to mean they may possibly be 🤬
  • jay83
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    It depends. Some people just need to focus on who they really are, and what do they believe in.

    Others use it as an excuse to 🤬 around and not find a job.
  • Dupac
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    I have a few times..

    normally when i know i'm not happy with the way 🤬 is going on around me i cut myself off from the world and chill alone in my thoughts for a few weeks or months.. and when i resurface again, i gotta plan....

    right now i'm doing it forreal...maybe tht's another reason why i'm always online so much
  • jackthemack
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    I don't think I've ever said that exact phrase but I've said things that would correlate with that. I do indeed intend to find my path one day
  • Ol Jay's
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    i always took that to mean they may possibly be 🤬

    ^^^^^^^^^^ I thought so too

    I never uttered the phrase, when i was old enough to know my name i knew who i was, hell now finding what i wanted to do in life that was a challenge
  • haute
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    yes they took it seriously and found their purpose

    there're very happy
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