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Khaleesi's Wedding Updated!!

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Ok yall, I WAS going to just edit the other wedding thread, but I figured i'd help this section of the forum out because everyone & their momma know's that its DEAD. Dead, dead dead.

So here we go!

Wedding has been moved from 03/18/2017 to 03/18/2015! Yes! That's 2 months from now! That is 70 days from TODAY!

Here's the plan.

We will be doing a simple courthouse wedding in Miami Beach with a simple dinner reception.

I will be wearing this dress:


with these shoes:

And this hairchain:

Here's what it looked like on a customer who reviewed it:

Hair will be like the VS Angel "Just got out of bed/bedhead" type of look:

I WILL have 3 bridesmaids (my girlfriend's wouldn't accept no for an answer lol even thought I told them that it was a simple courthouse wedding!!!!), and we are currently discussing what they would wear... I said that the "pinkish blush" color is fabulous, so we came up with this:

(Not too crazy about the front)

(LOVE the open back design)

We plan to possibly rent a house like a home away from home for after reception... or possibly go to orlando since my sister has time shares up there.

I handmade my invitations... only made 12. I have been procrastinating and haven't mailed them out yet:

Hubby hasn't gotten his suit yet which is giving me major anxiety because he's totally last minute with everythingggg.

We still haven't ordered our wedding bands yet.