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Talented rappers with lyrical content not compatible with mainstream?



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    Little Brother
    Jedi Mind Tricks
    Jean Grae
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    B.D.P. wrote: »
    Im starting to think Big Krit fall into this category
    he got songs that coulda had success on the charts
    but either him or his management not capitalizing on it

    Maybe, but shall we go deeper (n/h)?

    As talented as Krit is there probably isnt alot of money invested into him. Its not about how dope or wack you are its about how much crowd you can attract to make return on rec. companies investment & also sell ads. So in that comes marketing. Krit is too "normal" personality wise & artistically to make huge returns on investments. I hate that 🤬 and always have, as most know, but thats how it goes.

    Why are people responding to Young Thug now? Cuz music? Or cuz hes probably signed to some Universal deal but then people constantly discuss what hes rapping about or something he trolls people by saying ("🤬 " 🤬 )? The latter..

    In the internet age where everything is tested by viewers = crowd = huge advertisment. At the end thats what its about and always have been. Movies, TV etc. Art comes last. How people consume & pay attention pays alot into that but thats how artist, companies etc make money. We all love hip-hop to the core, but at the end people gotta live..and its hard as 🤬 these days..including myself. So i understand.

    So him having singles catching on radio wont happen. I know he just did, but im saying past that point. He prolly wont have big hits cuz of what i said. Its sad, but i believe so. I love duke as an artist but its a shame. Especially in the internet/troll/vine/troll youtube vids/wshh etc were "shocking" stuff makes alot of attention since its online - he wont make it to that point.

    BUT, Krit will be one of those consistant rappers that'll be around for years tho, which is great.
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    ghostface killah
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    some of K.B.'s sh*t
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