What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.




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    caddo man wrote: »
    @OBnoxiouslyfresh If that is you............


    I need you on the team. We will love to have you

    We were having a great conversation about nutrition and you go and ruin it. Goodnight again

    Dont be like that baby. This team building time. Dont be like that!

  • playmaker88
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    In before the eagle has landed.
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  • Dirty Sanchez
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    Parallel wrote: »
    Chi vs. Dizz ban bet? If Dizz pulls this off Chi is banned for a month, if he doesn't Dizz is banned?

    Posting pink slips?

    lol @ plap goating PR's post.
  • SixSickSins
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    thatboydiz wrote: »
    Ok 2010.

    Why do the lips look like that?
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  • SixSickSins
    SixSickSins Reading over Tananarive Due's shoulder. Somewhere getting asked about natural hair.Members Posts: 8,134 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Post urs so we can compare @SixSickSins

    Never, lol, post yours. Just a question.
  • Parallel
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    Look like what? What do you mean by that?
  • StillFaggyAF
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    Ok 2010 came. Fast forward pass eboni, kimi, aquas, and jen&juice. This is around the the time speakwhatsreal was happening. A chick named sperling signed up. She had a little experience so of course she popping off at the mouth with everybody. Changing her avatar to dumb 🤬 just trying to get people to notice her. I didn't like her. She always had attitude. So I made a thread about her titled "Is sperling a dime to you??." A few people knew what she looked like but most didn't. The majority voted that she was a 7 on her best day. Of course she caught feelings the whole damn thread. Then when I found out she came from SWR. I made an account over there where I met some cool people like six, milk, pico, jelly. I made the same exact thread and it did the same like 4x Plat. Sperling who name over there was lowkey caught so much feelings that a moderator named kweenphresh had to ban than 🤬 . Then she made a alias and tried to come back again but kween wasn't having it she clapped her. I was like damn problem solved 🤬 🤬 it. What I didn't know was kween and lowkey had long time beef previously. Well after the thread about sperling disintegrated over here nobody was talking about it. Then one day it was bumped at like 3-4 in the morning reppin and Obfresh starting arguing with each other out of no where. Most knew about there relationship from back in the day but the people didn't know how deep it was. It was only a few people on when it first first happened it was like me, 🤬 , darkskies, fiat and a couple more. Ether was being thrown for about 20 minutes we found out obfresh who I believe is older than reppin was sending him 🤬 and money for school books. Then reppintime was like 🤬 it im droppin everything He blessed us that day. Thats one powerful poster that I respect to the fullest.

    @thatboydizz a thousand goats sir
  • deadeye
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    Chicity wrote: »
    I appreciate it Dizz but I don't eat white bread

    You never dated one or had sex with one?

    Me either.

    But what get me is them is 🤬 is all the way with the 🤬 . Whatever you want her to do she with it no matter what. That adventures ready to do what the 🤬 ever factor I can't front I like that 🤬

    "Lets go hunt some 🤬 sharks".........."Alright"

    "Lets go have sex on that roof over there"..............."Ok Im with it"

    @kat .

    @MsSouthern .

    @Biblicalatheist .

    @Pico's white half
  • CP203
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    Lol @deadeye you're missing a couple
  • deadeye
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    needmohoes wrote: »
    Lol @deadeye you're missing a couple

    @needmohoes .

    That still actively post?

    Besides @kittykat89, what other white chicks am I leaving out?
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    Rubs hands like Birdman
  • J.J._Evans
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    texas409 wrote: »
    Rubs hands like Birdman

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