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Seedz Therapy: Come in and get Therapized

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My first patient is @Khaleesi but I'm willing to take on more patients.
Post in here and get therapized by Seedzington.


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Khaleesi wrote: »
Im real enough to self evaluate.

My issue is simple.

1. My self esteem is higher than average.

2. I am controlling because of my mother's controlling ways.

3. I am a 🤬 because i would rather be a 🤬 than a liar & I pride myself on being an honest person.

4. I don't bow down to men & wear the pants in my marriage because my mother was the breadwinner & my father was the stay at home daddy ( I love my daddy so much.. He never hit us... But my mom beat our 🤬 )

Basically... I take after my mother and while growing up my parents told us over & over how we are all special and amazing young ladies and that we are worth more than all the money in the world.

Some dislike that I comeoff as a "better than you" type of person... But really I only see myself as extraordinary. I dont think that im better than anyone. Unless you are a 🤬 or serial killer... Or pathological liar.

My insecurities? Well, I hate my big hands. I hate my non existent eyebrows (which run in the family). And I hate my uneven skin tone (which I am working on).

This is why I am me.
Khaleesi wrote: »
I was actually popular in highschool.
Varsity cheerleader and everyone knew my name. I went though all of highschcool without any major drama, fights or suspensions.

Elementary/middle school is a different story. I was mean and a bully.
Twice made a boy voluntarily go inside a dumpster.

I learned to tone down my brutal honesty when I got to highschool and just sipped my tea.