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Trash or Not Vol. 31: Drake - "My Side"

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Trash or Not Vol. 31: Drake - "My Side" 6 votes

infamous114 1 vote
Bender RodriguezDarthRozayDelphas 3 votes
Not Trash
SionDOPEdweebz 2 votes


  • Sion
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    Not Trash
    I think it's actually pretty dope, I think Drake really found his lane with this one. If he "sings" like this on his next album that album gonna be 🤬 flames.

    I think this next album is going to be his magnum opus.
  • DarthRozay
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    sounds like a leftover from the leftovers. not wack, but nothing really standout about it.

    hate that new delivery he's got with overpronouncing the last word or whtever.
  • dalyricalbandit
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