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Mad Max:Fury Road



  • Dupac
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    damn we ended up going to see unfriended instead... eh.. there's always next weekend
  • Crude_
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    edited May 2015
    Seen it last Saturday with the wife being a fan of the 80s trilogy of Mad Max films with Mel Gibson I thought the plot of this movie was kinda meh.

    Visually the cinematography was stunning though.

    Like someone else said this seemed to be Imperator Furiosa's movie and it seemed more so like Max was just along for the ride.

    I love action and car chases as much as the next man, but I woulda preferred they took the first 20 minutes to half hour of this like 2 hour film developing the characters a little more the chases and attacks on the War Rig started to get a little redundant after the first hour.

    The main antagonist went down a little to easy for my liking as well.

    Movie was just okay plot wise and not touching the ones from the 80s from a purely storytelling standpoint, but the action and stunts make it worth a watch on the big screen.

  • focus
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    There is something to be said for world building. There are other, often times better, ways to tell a story than...telling it to you.
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    One example: I gathered that Immortan Joe was once a colonel before the nuclear apocalypse just by seeing the type of military medals and badges he wore alone.

    I didn't need Miller to have a character state that to get the point.

    Movies are first and foremost a visual medium. Use of visuals is just as valid as expository dialogue when it comes to narrative storytelling.

    Matter of fact that approach is why many movies from the 50's - 90's were certified classics and are superior to a lot of stuff we see today.

    Moviegoers today want everything spelled out for them when one of the greatest aspects of watching flicks is having our imagination, intelligence and creativity challenged with ever viewing as you always pick up something new. It's very rewarding and adds a lot of replayability to movies too.

    As far as the worldbuilding in this movie went I loved how amazingly lived in the presentation of the wastelands was. Even more so than Thunderdome.

    For instance I absolutely loved how far along and varied the stables and gangs have become since the days of toecutter and even Lord humongous. We now have a gang of actual buzzard people with porcupine vehicles that equip buzz saws coexisting with a tribe a strong women that houses sniper grannies.

    We have a war party led by three distinctive and tyrannical captains of industry (water, guns and oil) co existing with rocky area dwelling nomads who seem to worship George Clinton. The imagination and creativity that went into all that just blew my mind.

    Speaking of the vehicles it’s amazing that the vehicles continue to be characters onto themselves and exensions of heir drivers in this franchise. It’s also very welcome. I mean for example how sweet was the vehicle of the captain of weapons?

    One other aspect of the lived in quality of the movie’s world building that I felt was also a really nice touch was showing us the after effects of living in an atomic age.

    We’ve had glimpses of that in the previous movies but this one really went all in. From showing us all the deformities and afflictions that plauge the mutated children of the atom (no X-Men) to giant stilted mutated crows. It was a really nice touch and showing us just how 🤬 up things have become for the citizens of this world.
  • kingofkingz
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    After reading ya break down of it, i think I'm gonna go to the movies to see this
  • Neophyte Wolfgang
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    People are adamantly saying this better then T2. The hype is real
  • Busta Carmichael
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    I really don't see the hype and the great reviews this movie got.

    I'm trying to but I can't. It was aight, nothing special. Nothing new. Best thing about the movie was guitar guy.
  • marc123
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    Watched it over the weekend. I enjoyed it, great movie imo
  • FourEfil
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    Pretty good movie.

    The whole movie reminded me of Busta Rhymes Gimmie Some More vid, all the fast actions , the weird characters-all it was missing the fish eye effect.
  • Max.
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    This 🤬 was dope n bad 🤬
  • Max.
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    Colonel Joe Moore was a veteran of the gasoline wars and a survivor of the water wars. Wanting to make his own destiny, he and his subordinates Major Kalashnikov and DeepDog took his troops out into the wasteland, where they raided other parties to survive. During one of those raids they stumbled upon a fat man, who told them he could take them to a place with clean water, if they spared him. They did and found themselves upon the protected Citadel. Preparing to lay siege on the place, they found an old oil distillery and a lead mine nearby to hole up, but they couldn't take the Citadel. The Colonel then did a last ditch effort to take the Citadel, himself leading the way, but on the first day it already went to hell. On the second day the Citadel started to hang up the corpses of his troops, and on the third the colonel's remaining forces at the bottom gave up hope and prepared to leave, only to be called back by the Colonel, who survived the onslaught alongside Kalashnikov and took the Citadel. Henceforth he became known as the Immortan Joe, Kalashnikov became the Bullet Farmer and the fat man became the People Eater. The story also mentions that Immortan Joe has/had a third son, Scrotus, described as psychopathic killer.
  • Max.
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    Max max = feral kid? Theory

    ll, someone we were already introduced to long ago, though he was only a boy then…a growling, grunting, boomerang-throwing boy. None other than ‘The Feral Kid’ from Road Warrior (played then by Emil Minty)!

    When Max Rockatansky happened upon Pappagallo’s tribe, The Feral Kid became enamored with The Road Warrior — who gave him a small wind-up music box. A music box similar to the one that we see Hardy’s Max have in his possessions, found by one of the wives in the War Rig. And that’s the first major clue at what could be one of the coolest subtle plot points in the Millerverse.

    Like any fan theory, it can be poked and prodded and holes can be torn in it. Which is why I think the best way to approach it is a good old fashioned pros and cons list, just like dad taught me to do in confounding situations. Warning: it’s about to get super nerdy and analytical up in this breakdown.

    oad Warrior and thus one day re-establish civilization after the events seen in Fury Road.

    Granted, the elder Feral Kid’s narration at the end of Road Warrior reveals he never saw Max again…but perhaps he did, happening upon him in the wasteland, their paths crossing once more. Or perhaps found him already dead?

    The Grunts & Growls

    Hardy’s lines from Fury Road could likely fit on one page double spaced, but his grunts could be pages 2 through 10. Coincidentally, those are the only sounds we ever hear The Feral Kid make. We know he learned to speak over time since, as mentioned, he narrates Road Warrior as an old man. So the argument could be made that Hardy’s grunts are left over from his days as a wild-haired mongrel.

    The Tattoos

    There’s a scene early in the film where we see Max’s back covered in tattoos done by the war boys, including one that reads “Day 12045″ (legible here in this concept art), which is 33 years even. If that’s intended to be his age, then that timeline doesn’t exactly work out. Though it kind of does with The Feral Kid who is 9 or 10 in Road Warrior.

    Miller is a little fuzzy himself on where Fury Road fits in the timeline. “If you put a gun to my head, I’d say after Thunderdome, but it’s very loose. I can’t even work out the chronology of the first, second and third, let alone the fourth thirty years later.” Though he did state when Fury Road takes place: “The apocalypse of some form happens, and you wind up 45-50 years in the future. That’s where we pick up.”

    So, even if 1979’s Mad Max takes place in dystopian future “a few years from now…”, and Fury Road is 45-50 years after the apocalypse (which hasn’t yet happened in Mad Max), then Hardy’s character is far too young to be the same Max, who would be closer to Gibson’s actual age.

  • Max.
    Max. Members Posts: 33,009 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The Clothes

    While his overall outfit is similar but different, Hardy does have a few iconic pieces of Max’s outfit on — namely the leather jacket right down to the football pad pauldron and half-sleeve, which the character has worn and modified throughout the entire series. He’s also wearing Max’s leg brace, made from the hinges of a truck tailgate, which the character began wearing in Road Warrior after he was shot in the knee in Mad Max. Though this could also be argued as a pro if you simply believe along with the Mad Max identity, he also adopted his look (jacket, leg brace, car).

    The Boomerang

    He never throws one! Enough said.

    Again, believing in this theory does require some suspension of disbelief. But I wouldn’t put it past Miller — a mastermind who, when it comes to story and script (but definitely not action), it’s all about stripped-down restraint, minimalism, and things unsaid yet implied. He drops us into this universe that has now existed for so long that in the period of time between Thunderdome and Fury Road, it has developed a culture and a language and a deity all of its own. But the film doesn’t come with a Wiki. We’re left to figure out the abbreviations without knowing what they stand for. So, all that to say, it doesn’t seem out of character that Miller would have created this elaborate connection between his old trilogy and his new trilogy, leaving us breadcrumbs to follow.

    And perhaps one day those crumbs will lead to something. Hardy is, after all, signed on to three more films, as was announced exclusively by Nerdist on Monday (two of them are prequels). So maybe more of this new Max’s backstory will be revealed (or if he is in fact the old Max, what he was doing all those years since we last left him)…or maybe it’s just a super nerdy fan theory that will prove itself not true. Either way, it’s fun to debate…that’s what fan theories are all about!

  • focus
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    Still sitting at 98% on RT. I wonder if it'll be overlooked come Oscar season.
  • focus
    focus The #1 Nigga, I Don't Need No Hype. Members Posts: 5,362 ✭✭✭✭✭
    focus wrote: »
    Still sitting at 98% on RT. I wonder if it'll be overlooked come Oscar season.

    its not oscar worthy, cinematography and special effects at best.

    Maybe not because of what is traditionally thought of as a "oscar film", but it is oscar worth in a few ways. Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress nominations. And yea, those also.
  • zombie
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    this movie was trash
  • Carthaginian
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    I liked it. But if I'm to be honest, I couldn't really see how it got the critical acclaim it received.

    The visuals were excellent, of course, but not earth-shattering in any form. (Nothing like Avatar in 3D, for example).

    The lack of true 'story' also hurt it, in my opinion. I would've liked a more concrete exploration of the villainous motivations...particularly more on the three headhunters who were the antagonists.

    It was an enjoyable movie though. Worth the money.
  • BangEm_Bart
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    zombie wrote: »
    this movie was trash

    I'll wait for the dvdrip.
  • Negro_Caesar
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    Prolly the best movie ive saw this year
  • focus
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    I really dont know how the antagonist motivations could've been more clear short of them stopping, looking directly into the camera and explaining it the audience.

    Its also weird to say a movie that is 90% CGI looks better than a movie that is 90% practical effects.
  • texasdaking88
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    All I keep thinking is these 🤬 gotta be funky as hell
  • thefabmd2dc
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    Not my favorite movie but I can see why people are loving this so much
    Its like the return of the 80s action movie for a modern audience
  • MorganFreemanKing
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    Any it's pretty clear the 3 main antagonists were head of civilizations that controlled a specific resources. They called them "Gas Town" and "Bullet Farm" for 🤬 's sake.
  • A$AP_A$TON
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    Went to see it last night, I liked it. My biggest critique is that Max more of a supporting character in this film. This was more Furiousa's movie.(Furiousa is a dope name btw)

    I liked the visuals, the main villain was dope, War Boys were dope. I was admittedly on the fence when I first saw the dude on the hood of the truck playing guitar. Lol They started to lose me.

    But its a good movie, just bugs me we know Furiousa whole life story but nothing about Max.
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