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Untitled Vs Before I Self Destruct....

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1. "The Invitation" VS Queens Get The Money
2. "Then Days Went By" VS You Can't Stop Us Now"
3. "Death to My Enemies" VS Breathe
4. "So Disrespectful" VS Make the world go around
5. "🤬 " (feat. Eminem) VS Hero
6. "Hold Me Down" VS America
7. "Crime Wave" VS Sly Fox
8. "Stretch" Vs Testify
9. "Strong Enough" Vs ******. The Slave & MAster
10. "Get It Hot" Vs Untitled
11. "Gangsta's Delight" Vs Friend Chicken
12. "I Got Swag" Vs Project Roach
13. "Baby by Me" (feat. Ne-Yo) Vs We are not alone
14. "Do You Think About Me" Vs Black President
15. "Ok, You're Right" Vs Like ME

I duno but I think Untitled is going to be a classic in the future.

Nas won with sales but not which album is betteR?