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Should Lana Moorer (aka mc lyte) retire??

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in the past, I would've given her a 'respect your elders' pass just off being well known and a sentimental figure within the culture. Now, very much like a washed-up-but-on-da-low-never-really-had-it Lawrence Parker she's dead weight. Imo, she ain't too different from the typical video hos u c getting reality checks served via humble pie (as they say). Not that femcees are making any more progress than was ever expected, but it's sever-al broads who'll body her lyrically. You prolly could find a chick off the street who's unsigned hype to sell more/better quality music all things considered. In the immortal words of 1 Chris Bridges, "move B*tch, get out da way"

Should Lana Moorer (aka mc lyte) retire?? 2 votes

This 🤬 's a genius
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She ain't hurtin nobody
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