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Should Lana Moorer (aka mc lyte) retire??

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in the past, I would've given her a 'respect your elders' pass just off being well known and a sentimental figure within the culture. Now, very much like a washed-up-but-on-da-low-never-really-had-it Lawrence Parker she's dead weight. Imo, she ain't too different from the typical video hos u c getting reality checks served via humble pie (as they say). Not that femcees are making any more progress than was ever expected, but it's sever-al broads who'll body her lyrically. You prolly could find a chick off the street who's unsigned hype to sell more/better quality music all things considered. In the immortal words of 1 Chris Bridges, "move B*tch, get out da way"

Should Lana Moorer (aka mc lyte) retire?? 2 votes

This 🤬 's a genius
Lustchyld 1 vote
She ain't hurtin nobody
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    This 🤬 's a genius
    curse this f'd up system online, but the third option was supposed to read, "so THAT's what this 🤬 's name is"
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    This is some out of left field outdated 🤬 if I ever seen it. T/S must be Antoinette's cousin or some 🤬 . While we're at it...

    Who would win in a battle between Slick Rick and Dana Dane?

    Which Roxanne is really the real Roxanne?

    Should Whodini hang up the mic for good?

    Is it time for Kwame to stop rocking polka dots?

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    this 🤬 just went full 🤬 with this thread.....
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    Did Lyte just drop a album?

    Foh Lyte got bars with substance unlike the artist out now .... she dropped dope albums and hung with heavy hitters in the late 80's & early 90's ....her spot is solidified .
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    MC Lyte still around? I feel like I lost some I.Q. points reading all that.
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    🤬 no, saw her last summer/she put on a show. she's a master.
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    Yo! MTV Raps used to play this video EVERY DAY when I was a sophomore in high school.

    I still have fond memories of this video