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Lil dicky's album is better than Wales and meek mill

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Lil dicky just dropped professional rapper and I swear for a goofy white dude 🤬 can spit. Just listen to the antagonist and the track with snoop. I know his subject matter ain't hard but for real give it a shot.


  • StillFaggyAF
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    Foh with this white boy 🤬 b
  • lookdude
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    Listened to The Antagonist and uh, thanks, but no thanks. My white guy rapper quota has been diminished since Bronson's disrespectful, lying and racist ways have been exposed. Currently my quota is at 1, and Mac Miller has been seated there since Macadelic and his production on Stolen Youth.

    And finding albums better than Wale's disappointment of an album is no feat worth celebrating. And although I 🤬 with Meek's album tough, I can admit that it's content is pretty generic. Once again, not a celebratory feat in having a better album.

    Your actions of championing a white rapper, while simultaneously disrespecting two brothers who have been at it for awhile, exposes your terrible judgement and misplaced loyalty. But then again, I remember you for being a black guy of questionable character.

    And what type of 🤬 ass name is damn Lil Dicky? Foh with this white boy 🤬 .
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    Good ol' fashion bait thread
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    edited August 2015

    Btw you aint saying much by comparing him to Wal e and tweet mill