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If you were crafting a WWE champion, how would you do it?

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How would you go about creating a Stone Cold Steve Austin, or the Rock?


  • RawAce
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    Prime Shelton Benjamin wit mic skills
  • Mally_G
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    that's a long process...

    depends on which direction you're taking your company, the sports, or entertainment route

    i prefer a format, where the sport comes first and the entertainment, such as the promos and charisma comes second.

    find the best athlete/worker, and put him in the ring with other like athletes/workers. of course, the matches are worked, but I'll let the performers do their thing freely, as long as the booked winner comes out on top.

    UFC style interviews, old school NWA/WCW backstage interviews before and after matches.

    bah, got off track......

    it's a long process.
  • StoneColdMikey
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    The Rock. he probably is the most marketable guy you can have,
  • BangEm_Bart
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    I'd market off of Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Bruiser Brody and Cesaro as WHC right now with Cena as a heel champion if I was a writer.

    If I could build a champ. I'd have a powerhouse on 1 side and a light heavyweight on the other to counter balance. Taker and Michaels were dope.
  • TheBoyRo
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    Body like brock lesnar, mic skills like the rock, attitude like steve austin, aggressive like chris benoit, longevity like john cena, sheamus's move set, and, most importantly, he would be BLACK
  • VIBE
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    I'd for sure have a WWE Heavyweight and WWE Light Heavyweight.

    I'd 🤬 "world" as its a useless and redundant title name.

    As for the guy, I wouldn't want a "2.0" version of someone, although, I understand it's hard not to have that as people draw up comparisons all the time.

    As long as the guy is a good wrestler, worker, good attitude (backstage), can connect w the crowd whether he's a heel/face, good mic skills, able to sell, put over, tell a story etc.. Then I'm good w him as a champion.
  • Copper
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    2 words

    Savio Vega
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