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Mama I'm Sorry

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when i miss yo call i call back in a hurry
i tell you everything but not enough to get you worried
you know my problems with the law but you still love me
and you didnt trip when i dropped out and then i started hustlin
in the fast lane
but do you know how fast that cash came
and a job couldnt compare, to havin what you want and makin these 🤬 stare
but look i listened
when you told me not to trust a women
cause i seen the way that eve did adam and figured that you was on to something
and you aint gotta live by it to die by it, that was made for tv
cause i know too many innocent people thats resting in peace
its real in these streets, cause in the game come the beef
and i wasnt bout that shooting till a 🤬 shot at me
and i smoke weed...
to keep my mind off the penitentary
cause i know 🤬 locked up for the next century
so i quit the block, might get a job and rappin put in all my faith
so i can sell out shows and prolly get us BOTH PAID
maybe win a award so i can pull you on the stage
do yo miss america wave, i promised imma make a way
you got my back, i got yo back, we tight like that
wether right or wrong and i put that on my black..........