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All New All Different Marvel



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    Bcotton5 wrote: »
    Yea im kinda confused about timelines

    Are they jumping ahead to when secret wars is already over in all theae new books?

    And thats gamora from the x men crossover book where she got powered by that celestial thing.

    Is she in secret wars at all? Same with thane.

    Yes, the new books are after SW. All are actually 8 months after SW, another time skip.

    Yes that's 616 Gamora, she's also in Guardians of Knowhere I think.

    Thane hasn't shown up.

    They didn't show Proxima and Corvis get caught. They said we MIGHT get a panel or 2 later on showing events in the 3 week jump.
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    Man i gotta order that dr strange off tha net for the chronic cover
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    I think they got caught in age of apocalypse book aint that what doom said?
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    Amazing spider man was dope
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    Deadpool vs thanos 3 dropped too

    I got a few books this week
  • Bcotton5
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    Deadpool vs Thanos is dope so far, we using this thread instead of Marvel Now now?
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    Bcotton5 wrote: »
    Deadpool vs Thanos is dope so far, we using this thread instead of Marvel Now now?

    I'm just posting the new stuff still.
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    Cain wrote: »
    willhustle wrote: »


    black panther is marvels last hope. what are they doing giving all these c listers solo books. hell cat? squirrel girl? wtf?!? why don't they pass the torch and 🤬 off a couple of characters and replace them. remember the m2 line with future marvel characters back in the early 2000's? why don't they have the next avengers team let tony starks retire etc. why don't they have spider girl/ may parker now. well since miles morales is in the 616 universe she should be like 4yrs old etc. I wan't miles as the replacement spiderman and have peter retire. let the hulk become maestro and have old man logan running around. can we get a completely new x men roster led by storm and have cylops take a head master position. there were so many mutant trainee teams new mutants , generation x, new x- men why haven't they replaced the x men yet? how long will they be in school? that's how you rebuild a universe not give a bunch of whacky characters solo features.

    Point being that Marvel is doing too much. I said it from the beginning when they were rebooting the Universe with Secret Wars being the catalyst. I don't mind Miles Morales as the #1 Spider-Man because Peter Parker has been around 50+ yrs. It's only so many stories you can do with him. As for the rest, Idk what the hell they're doing which is why I haven't really been interested in anything Marvel. I'll probably cop Secret Wars & Renew Your Vows at the end of the year.

    Imo though, DC is on fire with Batman, Masters of the Universe, JL Trinity War, & Forever Evil.

    Have to agree Marvel is all over the place as of late. They need to hurry up and wrap this Secret Wars up and start pushing out some books. DC is doing their thing at the moment even though I only mess with JL and JL 3000 and few others. Not a huge DC fan probably never will be.

    Marvel just shot themselves in the foot to me altogether Bendis should had left 🤬 alone and kept it how it was and found a way to get the Ultimate Universe back on track. DC has just been doing great with the writing on the monthly titles. I just can't get with the Superman solo titles the stories just don't interest me for an character that's so OP.

    I'm not a loyalist to either publishing company but I do have certain books that I like to read from both companies from time to time. DC is just killing the game right now.
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    all of todays books I copped What If? Inifnity Guardians of The Galaxy, Amazing Spiderman and Invincible Iron Man

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    Nightmask new series takes place in Chicago.


    Hyperion new solo


    "International Iron Man" will be by Bendis.


    Punisher will also return in a solo.


    New X Men miniseries called "X-Men:Worst X Man Ever"

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    what do you guys think of the direction they're taking Peter? How do you like Tony's new suit?
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    I can't say that I'm feeling the direction that Marvel is heading right now, especially when it concerns the X-Books.

    Today was the first time I bought some new books in about 3-months; things are kinda "meh" right now.

    I'll probably cop about 3 or so titles a month, but for the most part, I can't say that I have the same enthusiasm for Marvel comics that I had maybe about a year or so ago. Back then, I was copping at least about 10 books or more a month.

    The delays with Secret Wars and the release of titles that are supposed to take place after Secret Wars definitely did contribute to my loss of interest.
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    Spider Man has been pretty good so far to me. Not saying I like the changes, but I'll give them a chance as long as the stories are good.

    Iron Man I don't care for really. I'll give it a few more issues.

    Extraordinary X Men was ok/so so. I'll give it time.

    Vision was good to me.

    Still have X men 600, Deadpool, Herc, Dr Strange, Nova, Drax and Contest Of Champions.
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    If this is actually legit, then it explains a lot of what's going on in regards to why Cyclops and others are missing and why Beast is with the Inhumans:

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    So X-Men vs Inhumans (minus Black Bolt)
  • DrMindbender122
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    it was all good until i got to the inhumans part, i been reading their books since inhumanity.

    people on 4chan are full of 🤬
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    I guess someone can start a new thread to talk about the All New All Different Marvel universe. I really only meant to announce new books in this one. But....

    DAMN today was pretty good.

    Uncanny Avengers was great to me. My 2nd favorite character shows up,
    Cable from the future, with a glowing eye and what looks like a cyborg arm.
    Almost back to how I like him.

    ANAD Wolverine was cool.

    Squadron Sinister was ok.

    Ultimates was good.

    Thors was ok, filling in the blanks.

    Secret Wars was good to me. Really wanted more at the end, seemed short for some reason.

    Still have Illuminati, Avengers (don't wanna read teen stuff in this book), Spider Man 2099, Web Warriors, Infinity Gauntlet.
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    got a ton of books this week and last week gotta catch up

    nobody read deadpool vs thanos 3 and 4? I guess its canon it took place before secret wars? deadpool got the unipower and became captain universe lol. Thanos beat Eternity's ass too
  • Bcotton5
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    Last week


    Amazing Spider-Man #3
    Avengers Vs Infinity #1
    Contest Of Champions #2
    Deadpool #1
    Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Infinite Comic #2
    Doctor Strange #2
    Drax #1
    Extraordinary X-Men #1
    Hercules #1
    Howard The Duck #1
    Invincible Iron Man #3
    MU: Guardians Of The Galaxy #2
    Max Ride: Ultimate Flight #1
    Miracleman #4
    Nova #1
    Spider-Gwen #0 – TBR
    Star Wars #11
    The Vision #1
    Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic #21
    Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic #22
    Uncanny X-Men #600
  • Bcotton5
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    this weeks books been waiting on that Ultimates, that team is sick. been following that Infinity Gauntlet and Thors book too

    Of course I been waiting on secret wars #7 too they been taking too long to drop the secret wars book, I wish it was twice a month.


    All-New All-Different Avengers #1
    All-New Hawkeye #1
    All-New Wolverine #1
    Captain America White #4
    Carnage #1
    Chewbacca #3
    Darth Vader #12
    Figment 2 #3
    Illuminati #1
    Infinity Gauntlet #5
    Secret Wars #7
    Spider-Gwen #2
    Spider-Man 2099 #3
    Squadron Sinister #4
    Thors #4
    The Ultimates #1
    Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic #23
    Uncanny Avengers #2
    Web Warriors #1

  • nicky the don
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    I see alot of talk about Ms America Chavez in Ultimates. I've never read her, but I also kinda got a vibe that I'm not gonna like her.
  • Bcotton5
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    Infinity gauntlet 5 was flames, black excellence i love zig zag

    Thanos bodied by a black woman.

    I hope they stick around after secret wars or play a part in beating dr doom since they have an infinity gauntlet too
  • nicky the don
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    They only work in their own zone. That's what Dr. Strange told T'Challa. That's why he made sure castle Doom was built in the zone that he found a complete set.
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    All New, All Different Marvel's war on mutants and anything else not under their movie studio umbrella continues: