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I Will Never Top feat. jk_wake_an_bak_shining_knight_Sharoyce

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They gave me the last verse. What could i really say in 8 bars

Yo man fight the streets-the fire's deep-I blaze the blanka
twisted w/ a pistol, poppin pills and playin contra
I'm loaded w/ a proper clip to serenade the coppers
and I'm flamin for the chest- like a Waka Flocka robber
Grip that gravitational force-***** i got the pull
I be bench pressin elephants- drop kickin wolves
I be ready for that half ass- the glock spit in full
stop the bull****- my word processor's talkin bullets


  • Tha Killa
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    Damn man. This 🤬 was hot as 🤬 man. For 8 bars, I think you said more in 8 lines than most rappers say on their whole album. The opening line was fire. That Street Fighter reference was hot and hard to follow but you kept it pretty damn consistent. This 🤬 said "I be bench pressin' elephants and drop kickin' wolves/ I be ready for that half ass - the glock spit in full".

    I'm impressed, sir, I'd like to see how versatile of a writer you are before I try to critique this piece too much.

    I gotta say that your link is no good anymore though. You might wanna drop a new one or delete it altogether.