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The Demon Shepherds

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You cant throw our flag over despair anger and fear
it still wont be fair or make anything dissappear
who the 🤬 do you think you are David Copperfeild?
By now we all know that 🤬 not real.
We dont believe in magic, I wont let it happen
we aint looking at the bones of dinosaurs
and creating dragons

its the changing of the times, its armeggedon season,
but you're 🤬 up in the mind with values 🤬 like legion
and now you breaking 🤬 apart like those demons
if this 🤬 starts we all know you're the reason

Cause i tell the truth providing metaphor explainations
the sheep are lost because the shepherds misled the procrastiNation
thats right the shepherds arent doing there jobs
they just corrupted rich political snobs

see jefferson knew this would happen, he forsaw devestation
when people focused on religion and money, but not moderation
and now were stuck between choices of evil
because the government kills all the good people

so i ain't pulling you're leg im pulling you're arm
away from the gun of greed because its only causeing harm
and now im sounding every single alarm, though it might be too late
because YOU wove our fate, but we've run out of yarn

see you tried to pull our own wool over our eyes
but some of us woke up and realized that you lied
that we need a mental pesticide
to 🤬 all the unreal ideals that should have already died.

cause it takes a 🤬 or demon to make it through this 🤬 alone, and as we're neither
the worlds has finally turned into a hell zone.
but i walk away from this 🤬
because 🤬 you i didnt do this they did


  • TheCATthatdidntDIE
    TheCATthatdidntDIE Members Posts: 918
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    so, can you feel me or cant you? i wouldnt post this if i didnt want a response. im trying to get someone out there to mix some kind of beat or even work with me. ive noticed ive got a lot of yang and i need some yin. any suggestions or criticism would be greatly appreciated. btw this is another two part. the other one is called S.C.O.R.E.S. Socratic Circles of the Original Roman Epires Sorrow
  • TheCATthatdidntDIE
    TheCATthatdidntDIE Members Posts: 918
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    Ah well. I was lookin for someone to say somethin insultin like noone would listen to that. which i find to be too true.
  • ThaChozenWun
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    Nice Drop, reminds me of government corruption and hiding things that people should know about.
  • Tupacfan
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    I feel it, a political piece.. I thought it was well written, the content aligned with todays era..

    Drop more gems like this.. I' can digg it..