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The Legend Of NFL 2K5 (Doc.)

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    edited October 2016
    I watched this earlier.

    The NFL died to me when they signed that deal with EA.

    NFL2K helped me stay interested in the NFL. But when Madden got those exclusive rights, I lost pretty much all interest in the NFL. Imagine if we had a football version of My Park in 2017. That 🤬 would be GOAT. 2K needs to come out with a football game. Not that legends 🤬 . Just a football game. I think it could survive without the NFL logo. Just some random created players. My Career should be the main focus.
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    I was at the mall with my cousin saw this 🤬 for 19.99 $ and was like you wanna 🤬 with some football he said yea, copped and I was going ham with Vick. (My cheating ass put his stats up to 99 lmfao, cuz you could edit the ratings and 🤬 ) but honestly it didnt seem that much crazier than the previous 2k's. I had played the original and like 01,02 and maybe 1 other before copping this. Then in like 2010 or some 🤬 I saw a article about the game being the best football game of all time I was like....


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    Best football game of all time I was 165-12 on ps2 smh I miss that game
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    That game was the 🤬 . Madden been picking the carcass and selling the scraps as "new features" for years. Real heads know what's up.
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    i will say, All Pro Football 2k8 has all the improvements of 2k5 but not without updated rosters...if you're into that kinda thing
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    Inb4 " i still play 2k5, 🤬 madden" post
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